10 Things to Know When Fixing your First Gynaecologist Appointment

When you tend to become old, your bodies keep on changing which means the needs will change too. Over the passage of time, girls will have to see an obstetrician-gynecologist, or ob/gyn that mainly specialises in healthcare problems of women. According to private walk in doctor in London, girls need to attend their first ob/gyn appointment when they are within the age of 13 to 15 years. By knowing a little more about what you can expect before your first gynecologist appointment may put your mind at ease. By equipping yourself with this necessary information, you will not have to worry about any unexpected surprises related to your body.

Read on to know about 9 things before your first appointment with the gynecologist.

  1. Know the reason you need to go

 Before you may fix your first appointment, it is extremely important to know why you should go to an ob/gyn at its first place. Since the bodies keep on changing during the teenage, you can ask all necessary questions during your first visit to the gynecologist. Some topics to cover are the following:

  • Birth control options
  • Testing for different sexually transmitted diseases or infections
  • Hormonal issues or period

Before scheduling your first gynecologist appointment, it is extremely important to write down the list of questions to stay prepared and avoid forgetting anything when talking with your gynae expert. By assessing all the concerns during your first appointment, you can leave the gynae’s office with complete peace of mind. This preparation may even help you to know better about yourself.

During the first gynecologist appointment, you usually have 20 to 30 minutes for discussing about your concerns. By keeping yourself prepared beforehand, you can use your time in the most efficient way. This will help you maximize your time. Instead of letting pre-appointment jitters distract you, writing out your thoughts will help you stay organized.

  1. When you are below 21 years

At the first appointment, your weight, height and blood pressure will be noted before you may visit the ob/gyn. If your age is below 21, the gynae expert will not perform a pelvic examination during the first visit. Your ob/gyn will only perform a pelvic exam when you are below 21 and:

  • Want STI testing
  • Sexually active
  • Have certain health problems like painful periods, unusual bleeding

If you are above 21, your ob/gyn will usually suggest undergoing a Pap test or a pelvic exam. During a Pap smear test, the doctor swabs the lower part of your cervix or uterus that connects to the vagina. This will enable them to collect a sample of cervical cells and then the sample is sent for testing and detects any kind of abnormalities.

A positive test might denote cervical cancer but it is very rare and can be treated. During the first gynecologist appointment, the doctor will also conduct a breast exam. Most young women are at lower-risk for developing breast cancer. In case you do not feel comfortable with a breast exam during your first Gynaecologist appointment, you should inform your doctor about it.

3. What happens at the time of a pelvic exam

See what you can expect during a pelvic exam when attending your first gynecologist appointment:

  • An external examination to assess your vulva which is clitoris, labia and opening of the vagina
  • A cervical and vaginal examination with the help of a speculum. This device is inserted into the vagina for a better view.
  • A bimanual examination to study the reproductive organs

The pelvic exam enables your ob/gun to understand if your ovaries and uterus are healthy. If you are having further questions about your pelvic examination, inform your doctor know beforehand. They can help you to walk through the procedure so that you may avoid further surprises. The more you know beforehand, the less anxious you will feel about it.

  1. Understand about birth control

 You might ask the doctor to prescribe about birth control during your first visit.  Your private doctor at the walk in clinic in London will ask necessary questions based on your medical history and lifestyle patterns. They might even ask if you have some preference about different birth control options. For example, if you do not remember to take these birth pills, then your doctor might suggest having an IUD. If you and your partner enjoy having unprotected SEX, it is necessary that both of you know about birth control options. Otherwise, chances are you will end up getting pregnant every time you have intercourse with your partner. Hence, understanding about birth control is one of the suitable ways to know when you really want to connive and enjoy your safe pregnancy.

  1. Do not worry about your overall appearance

 You need not worry much about pubic hair, length of your labia or other aspects of the body. When you might feel self-conscious, keep in mind that the doctors do this for some kind of living. The purpose of scheduling your appointment with the gynecologist is done for medical checkups so that you can be aware about your present health condition, detect any gynecological issues you might be facing and get necessary treatment done on time. This can help you to improve your condition and overall appearance. If it is possible for you, try to shower and rinse your labia with water before scheduling your appointment with the private doctor.

  1. Stay prepared for getting real

Your doctor will ask different personal questions regarding your period and sex life and so, you need to be prepared for that. Before you may head to your first gyno appointment, make sure you remember the first day of your last period. Your ob/gyn might even ask you about for certain things such as:

  • Cramps
  • Mood swings
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Pain
  • Irregularity

Your ob/gyn will even ask about your sexual activity. You should be honest when answering their questions; otherwise, they will not be able to get the right information for supporting your overall health condition. You need to know that the doctor will not judge you based on your provided answers.

  1. Know medical history of your family

Understanding medical history of your family can help you to stay prepared before fixing your first gyno appointment. Try to gather all the information about your mother’s health. You also need to know if your family has a past history of blood clots. If you do, your doctor might ask for an alternative to contraception that has estrogen.

Your doctor will even ask about your personal medical history which includes past surgeries and any medications that you may take. If you are feeling anxious about your first gynecologist appointment, try to write down everything in advance.

      8.Try to keep yourself in control

 Before you may visit your gynae at the first appointment, make sure you are in full control. Inform your ob/gyn know that you are visiting him/her for the first time. You may even ask a family member or a close friend to accompany you for support. If you are really nervous about a certain method, inform the doctor to explain you step-by-step procedure. He/she will help you understand the entire process so that you need not worry much and keep yourself in full control.

  1. Get ready to attend a follow-up phone call

When you conduct the test through your GP appointment, you will be informed from the private GP’s clinic about your result. Alternatively, they may also call you for retests and review pretested results. According to experienced doctors in UK, if you have been tested for STI, then the tests results can be prepared and delivered to you within one day to two weeks, at the most. However, if you perform the Pap test as per your doctor’s advice, you will get the report within one to two weeks. Usually, some offices will not call you if there isn’t unusual with your test report. So, before ending up your appointment with the doctor, make sure you are aware what to expect from him. If you are nervous about the outcome of the report, you can visit a doctor or ask your friends or family members to collect the results.

     10. Fix your next appointment with the gynaecologist

Before you leave your gynae’s office, don’t forget to fix your next appointment. You will have to undergo a pelvic exam in every three years. You may even visit yearly for an assessment or to renew your birth control. After you decide to leave, you will be getting a call from the doctor’s office with the test results.

Are you all set to fix for your first gynecologist appointment? Well, you can now book a doctor appointment in minutes and stay prepared for everything in order to ensure complete peace of mind. This will help you to discourse everything in details about your body with the private gynecologist and stay protected unnecessary gynecological problems.


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