Best New Video Games

Best new video games

Nowadays, we are constantly being presented with brand new video game releases. Somehow keep getting better and better! The future of gaming really is exciting. If you’re getting a little bored of playing the same old games all of the time maybe you’re looking for something new. There are plenty of recent releases that might take your interest! Today we have compiled a list of some of the best new video games so that you won’t have to waste your time searching through the PlayStation marketplace reviews! It’s also worth mentioning that there’s no way to get a more immersive video game experience rather than by playing on a large TV screen, click here for TV and wall mounting services!

Dying Light – Stay Human

If you were a fan of the first dying light game, you were no doubt waiting on this game for as long as you can remember. This parkour zombie killing game was without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of 2022. In our opinion, it certainly lived up to the hype, it’s without a doubt one of the best new video games out right now! The trend of open-world games has also been followed with this one, which is always a good thing! Who doesn’t like being able to run around wherever they want doing whatever they want? The combat in this game is another thing that should be praised, both the parkour and combat feel so smooth which is something a lot of games struggle to do nowadays. Considering this title is so new we don’t want to spoil too much, but you can catch some ten-minute teaser gameplay videos on YouTube to get a feel of what kind of game Dying Light – Stay Human is.

Elden Ring

If you’re looking for a challenge, then Elden ring is one of the best new video games you could go with. You might have heard people talking about this game, if you watch a lot of gaming videos on YouTube then you’ve most likely seen this name pop up at least once. Elden Ring is an action role-playing game much like the dark soul series or bloodborne. If you’ve heard of these games and like them then you’ll love Elden Ring! There’s a massive open world to explore with countless possibilities. One thing we like the most about this game is how the story isn’t linear. You can complete it in whatever order you like. Keep in mind that when we mentioned this game was a challenge, we really meant it! Some people have claimed the game is too hard but if you have some experience in this kind of genre then this game might be for you. If you are more of a casual gamer, you could possibly give Elden Ring a try to improve your skills. With its stunning visuals and amazing boss fights, this exciting game is nothing short of amazing. You can really tell it’s a modern video release

Horizon Forbidden West

This game is an action RPG that is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has taken over. With compelling characters and an intriguing storyline, if you were a big fan of the first game this one is a must-play. It goes without saying that this game is full of beautiful graphics to explore throughout the carefully made open world. In this game you’ll spend your time exploring, defeating enemies, scavenging, buying weapons, and more. The bright art style of this game really makes it a joy to play. If you’ve seen the trailer and you’re not dying to play this game, then you must be crazy! It’s definitely up there with one of the best new video games to play at the moment.

LEGO Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga

You might not have been expecting this one! Lego games have been an iconic part of gaming for the longest time now. Just a couple of weeks ago we got a brand-new LEGO game that fans are loving! Many fans and critics alike have agreed that the developers are bound to have put a lot of time and effort into this game to make it one of the best new video games to play today. The levels are full of detail and there’s a whole lot to do. This instalment sticks to the roots of previous LEGO games, with a massive upgrade in quality. The game is based on solving puzzles and collecting trophies while making your way through levels and side quests. You shouldn’t shy away from this game because it’s a LEGO game that’s exactly what makes it enjoyable! If you’re looking for something fresh yet nostalgic, LEGO Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga may be perfect for you. 

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