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Best Sofa Slipcover in 2020

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The sun is shining, the rain is falling, or you read a book or watch your favourite TV show, you sit or lie nicely on your sofa, in your living room along with your loved ones. Your sofa seems uncomfortable. You think that it wasn’t the right purchase for you. But, what if there’s only one step that you can take to achieve maximum comfort on your sofa, the best relaxing time on your favourite sofa ever?

Get a good sofa slipcover – Are there any special slipcovers?

Of course the market will give you so many options to choose from. There are slipcovers that will fit various types of sofa, there are some with cotton fabric, you can even find hypo-allergenic ones. It’s only a matter of some of your time spent reading to find the best sofa slipcover for your living-room. Because we did already the hard work, searched high and low, and came up with five of the best slipcovers for sofa.

You only want one? Here’s 5 to choose from!

We know very well how busy you are, how many things you have to do. This is why we are coming to your help. We read, we tried, we looked, we talked about and we have decided: these are 5 of the best sofa slipcovers. We are confident that you will find your perfect one among them.

1. Green Living Group Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede Couch/Sofa Cover Slipcover with Elastic Band Under Seat Cushion

Green Living Group Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede CouchSofa Cover SlipcoverIf you want to obtain an elegant look for your sofa with very little money, this is the best slipcover for you. Imported, made from 100% Polyester, this sofa slipcover has an elastic band under sear cushion. This will help you fix it better to your sofa; no worries, it fits most standard sized sofas.

The soft microsuede used for the cover of this sofa slipcover will contribute to your comfort even more.

As it washes easily in your machine, this sofa slipcover has been very valued by the customers since it’s not only of good quality, but also very cheap.

This product comes with instructions and can also make a nice surprise to your friends since it can be ordered gift wrapped.

2. Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Slipcover Sofa

Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Slipcover SofaThis patented slipcover is a great option if you want to add some color to your living room and give your old couch a new and fresh look.

Even though it is a patented slipcover, this product will fit T-cushions also; its elastic corners will help for a better fit to your sofa.

You do not have to worry about cleaning it up; use only cold water when washing it, do not bleach, tumble dry low. It’s possible for it to need ironing after washing. There are customers who recommend to wash the slipcovers separately.

This 2 piece slipcover sofa feels very soft to the touch and your pets will like it a lot, without ruining it.

You will be only five minutes away from a new look on your sofa after buying this slipcover; that’s how easy it is to put it on!

If you are in need of a present idea, do not forget that this product comes gift-wrapped as well!

3. Classic Slipcovers Brushed Twill Sofa Slipcover

Classic Slipcovers Brushed Twill Sofa SlipcoverSold by one of the biggest American manufacturers, this product has a straight skirt and a casual fit.

Its fabric is made from durable brushed twill which feels very nice and soft.

You will not have to worry about putting it on your couch since it’s very easily set and removed.

Due to its ties, this sofa slipcover will secure better to your sofa.

As a plus, this product is machine washable.

There is no stress when it comes to children and pets around this sofa slipcover; it is very durable.

4. Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede Solid Chocolate Brown Couch/sofa Cover Slipcover with Elastic Band Under Seat Cushion

Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede Solid Chocolate Brown Couchsofa Cover SlipcoverThis Chezmoi sofa slipcover will fit most standard sofas.

As it is shipped fast and the fabric is good quality, you will be very pleased with the purchase.

Its elastic bands under the seat cushion will help you fix it better to your sofa.

Made from 100 % Polyester, this sofa slipcover will make your life easier since it’s machine washable.

It comes with installation constructions; there were customers who loved it so much that they ordered seconds.

5. Stretch Sensations Optic Sofa Stretch Slipcover

Stretch Sensations Optic Sofa Stretch SlipcoverThis sofa slipcover will take your pain away: it’s very easy to put on, very easy to machine wash it and it ships very quickly to you.

Made from 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex, this product fits many furniture styles.

As it feels very soft, this slipcover was very appreciated by the customers who got it.


Source: verycozyhome.com

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