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Buy Instagram Followers in order to reach out to a wider audience

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that is utilized for effective marketing of a brand or even a business. It is just a decade and Instagram has risen way beyond its expected growth rate in the social media arena. It is generally presumed that Instagram is a platform that is meant only for posting beautiful pictures of celebs and nature.

Did you ever know that this astonishing platform can be easily utilized for popularizing products and services of companies and brands too?

Why Instagram is gaining so much popularity?

The higher the number of Instagram followers you have, the higher of your brand influence and recognition over social media channels reaches the zenith. Stories are an essential part of any Instagram marketing strategy. And, while many of them are using the platform, few of them are truly optimizing for “REAL” success.

Social Media is like an “Ice Berg”

People only see the tip of it. What is meant by the tip is the success. You see the Verified profiles, the followers, the likes and the money.

But, you cannot see the most crucial part of it. Forget about seeing, you can’t even imagine what happens behind the scene. The list is very long of which few important ones are; to do lists, relationship building, hitting targets, content strategy, consistency, strategy, expertise, time management, and network building.

This is where FollowerHike comes into the picture. FollowerHike is your key to get real Instagram followers without having to wait for long.

Why should you buy Instagram Followers for you account?

Buy Instagram followers Cheap to beat the competition and stand out of the crowd. Today, more and more brands are entering into the social media platform in order to up their reach among potential audiences. FollowerHike, helps you in acquiring qualified and genuine followers for proper brand recognition and reach of your business.

Importance of  Followers on your Instagram profile:

Statistics suggests that 63% of the Instagram users log in at least once in a day, of which 42% checks their and other users’ Instagram posts multiple times in a day. Users those log in the least i.e. only one time a week accounts for 16%.

The team at FollowerHike manages more than 76,770+ social media accounts taken together. FollowerHike help in lifting your brand from its beginner stage to a completely developed brand name when you buy real Instagram likes from FollowerHike.

Like followers, Instagram likes are also essential part of the social media campaign planning. They are crucial for success and performance of any Instagram post. Likes over your Instagram post can strategically improve the engagement numbers for your brand.  It not only stays on the top but also engages your audiences. Buy real Instagram likes to boost your business and watch it gain newer heights. Likes also helps in greater inflow of traffic to your Insta page as well as to your company website or landing page generating more and more businesses for you.

Statistics Study reveals the power of Instagram Marketing

Social media platforms are not meant for spamming followers. The algorithm of Instagram is known to prioritize content that is inclusive of high rate engagement.

For example, a post is done on Instagram. It will be shown to a few followers initially. If the post is liked, the post goes to other followers and even beyond. But, in case the post is disliked, or something similar happens, then the post stops being sent out.

Another algorithm for Instagram states the reason of having every set of 9 squares.

  • 4 posts should add value and help your client in their business
  • 3 posts should create an immediate connection with your client
  • 2 posts should promote or sell your service

This mix in content will help you in developing a good and healthy relationship with your followers and allows them to know you better, rather than simply pushing your services at them.

Brands post an average of 3 Stories per week and one third of the most viewed stories is from business houses.

130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month.

Marketing Strategies for Instagram

In order to stay ahead of competition, nowadays Instagram is playing a crucial role. Here are some of the crucial marketing strategies from the experts;

  • Try to be more creative often. It is always advised to be open when creating awareness on social media. Use all the features of Instagram. Don’t limit yourself to few features of that platform.
  • Post 5 or more stories per day at regular intervals, both during business as well as non-business hours.
  • Connect with your audience on a personal note. Be polite and try to post comment on their every possible posts in order to increase engagements.
  • Hashtags play a very crucial role in enhancing the overall exposure of your content. Branded hashtags encourage people to include them in business-related posts. It is advised by experts to go for a mixture of branded as well as non-branded hashtags.
  • Using of 10 to 15 hashtags per story is needed. You can use up to 20 to 27 hashtags per post.
  • Use Polls and allow your audience to interact.
  • The key to rank your content of Instagram is to reply to all your comments that are posted on your post for increased engagement.
  • When posting on Instagram for your business or brand, always research the hashtags related to your niche of the content that you are posting.

How to Steal Followers on Instagram

Step 1: Locate the bigger accounts with a good number of followers in your niche

Step 2: Follow those accounts and “TURN ON” post notifications

Step 3: Like and Leave a thoughtful comment on each post as soon as post it.

Step 4: At least a 5 line comment is expected and at the same time, do not promote yourself.

The key takeaway is that, when you start doing this at least on 10 to 15 images per day, you will see yourself gaining followers from those accounts.



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