Exploring the Trends of Future in Android App Development

If you are a business owner looking forward to app development in 2020, you have to explore the trends and study the insights before finalizing the decision. Although you may not follow the predictions blindly, they can guide you in the development of flexible apps that benefit your business. Today’s mobile users are smarter and better, so the business owners need to complete the user base mindset before contemplating the decision. The companies into the development of Android apps need to stay updated with the latest technology to survive amidst massive competition in the market.

Here are a few things you cannot skip when researching on Android app development.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

The MI and AO are distinctive programming techniques that automate the apps for learning and improve the user experience. Therefore, you can say goodbye to programming requirements when dealing with these technologies. The machine learning and artificial intelligence approach is a suitable option for those apps that capitalize on unstructured data, such as texts and images. However, developers should have the required expertise to implement inference algorithms, design products, use the current models of ML, or develop new models. Be sure to hire a developer who can handle the retraining or development of new ML models on Android apps, Rocket Lab Australia is a great place to start.

Instant apps

The apps that function without any formal installation, namely Instant apps, can rule 2020 as you can quickly install this kind of app in the backend. The moment the users finish using the instant apps, they can automatically uninstall from the smartphone. Note the following features of instant apps in a jiffy.

  1. The instant apps can make it easy to start if you want to launch a specific activity or certain parts of the app on your mobile device.
  2. The users can send the app link through messengers and emails to users or through any other tool of social media.
  3. The users can also access the benefits of native apps through instant apps.
  4. While instant apps are easy to discover and market, you can also quickly convert old apps into instant apps.

You can hire an Android app developer to discover more about the emergence of instant apps and how long the trend is to stay.

Android architecture

The architecture of Google goes a long way in defining those practices that are suitable for creating Android apps, and it provides the architecture to develop high-performing and robust apps. The architecture components can create apps that partially require the boilerplate code, and the focus is more on making the app unique. Therefore, the popularity of Android app architecture can take center stage to make the apps more unique and stable.

Rise of multiplatform development

Flutter framework can help you create excellent native apps for Android with a single codebase. Furthermore, it can provide widgets that are customized. Besides, Kotlin is another technology that allows you to develop apps based on instruments and native libraries and is set to gain popularity for the development of Android apps.

Navigation for app

Navigation includes those interactions that facilitate the movement within different sections within the app. The navigation component is available in Android jetpack and allows the developers to implement navigation. When you hire android developer, be sure to convey your requirements to get the best outcome. The other advantage of the navigation component is that it helps create a predictable and consistent user experience.


The next trend you need to watch in 2020 is the implementation of IoT. During the development of Android apps, IoT becomes Android things. With the help of this technology, the developers can build devices with high-end and popular hardware platforms. The developers do not require additional knowledge of the embedded system to begin. Furthermore, this framework allows you to access specific hardware, such as display and camera. When it comes to implementing security updates and new features, Android things can dominate.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

The integration of virtual reality for businesses is the presentation of products in virtual showrooms and creating a user experience, which is larger than life. Furthermore, it can help in enhancing the engagement of customers and build strong communication with the user base. The Augmented Reality or AR can make the presentation impressive and the content engaging.

Summarizing the options

The year 2020 holds a lot of hope for Android developers while delivering according to customer expectations. Although the trends in technology can come and move frequently, you need to explore the latest technology updates to procure better business opportunities.


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