Facing Storage Issue? Get Your Pdf Files Compressed


Since the 1970s, scientists are trying to search for different ways to reduce the pdf files’ size. They have devised many mathematical algorithms for fulfilling the purpose of decreasing the file size. After sometimes, they succeeded and derived from a method to compression. Since then, the reduction is improving day by day as much as possible.

More storage and procession power is an essential aspect of an electronic device, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone. To achieve this, people started using the compression method because it gets famous among the people.

Types of compression

Two compressions are mostly accepted and used all around the world. These are:-

  • Lossy Compression 

Whenever you compress the files through lossy compression, you find that some of your real data is missing. This data gets deleted during the process of reduction. It may be colors of pictures or some sound in your music file. The information which is discarded during the lossy connection can never be retrieved again.

  • Lossless compression

Lossless is the best form of compression as it never reduces the quality of files which we compress. You will find that no data will be lost during this compression method due to which it is known as lossless. If anyone has a question, in their mind that How to compress a pdf file? Then the answer will be you can compress your pdf files through lossless compression. In this, a zip file will be created for the main file you want to squeeze.

Compress a pdf file

How To Compress a pdf file?

To get a file compressed, you need to follow proper instruction that is different for online and offline platforms. Let’s dive deep in to find the difference in both the process of compressions, and which will be suitable for you?

  • How to compress a pdf file  offline

To compress a pdf file offline, you have to follow the following guideline:-

  1. First of all, select the file you want to compress.
  2. Now left-click on that file.
  3. You see the option of send to, click on that option.
  4. Now you see the option of compression. As you click on this option, you will notice that the file will be compressed, taking up very little storage.
  5. You can now delete the original file if you want and can easily retrieve the original file anytime by extraction.
  • How to compress a pdf file online

To compress your pdf file online, you need to follow these steps:-

  1. First of all, search the internet and check out which site is trusted and suitable for the process of compression. You can also check the reviews of the website. It will decrease your chances of losing your data.
  2. Now upload the pdf on the website via drop box.
  3. Now you will notice that the pdf size is decreased.
  4. Now download the pdf file and utilize the extra space properly.

Note: If you are also confused about which method to choose for compressing your file, it is highly advised that you must go for the online option to get your files compressed. You will never find any kind of damage or loss of your file. The quality of the file also remains intact after compressing a file online.

Benefits of Compressing A Pdf File 

Whenever you opt to compress a file, you think that what will benefit you will be getting if you compress your file. Now there are a lot of benefits that compression offers you. They are as follows:-

  • Faster transmission

Whenever we make a pdf file and transfer it to someone, it takes a lot of time due to its larger size. But if you compress the file, its size will decrease, which will help you send your files quickly. Also, you can email these compressed zipped files.

  • Plenty of free storage 

The most significant benefit that the pdf compressing will offer is storage. High storage is essential for the smooth working of your system. Now, suppose you have many files stored in your computer taking up a lot of storage, you will face issues in the working. Getting such files compressed will cut down the storage usage of these files so that you can feel the smoothness of your computer functioning.

  • Searchable Texts option

Earlier the pdf compression was not considered user-friendly because they didn’t allow you to search inside the document for a particular text. But this issue is resolved by the modern-day compressors. They have an OCR through which you can also search for the in-document texts making the files more accessible.

  • A decrease in server load 

The modern-day online compressors drastically compress the files and leave it to just 10 percent of the original size. Due to drastic changes, the download and upload of these files get easy, which decreases the load on the server, increasing its overall efficiency.

  • Data Retention

You would have noticed that the data used to delete in the old times while the process of compression, but this issue is resolved with the technology changes. All the data present in your original file will be intact as such in the zipped compressed file. After this, people have shifted to comprising files because once the data is lost due to compression, it cannot be reversed.

  • Bulk Documents

The benefit of compressing is that you can also get many files or a folder zipped. Suppose you want to get 100 pdfs compressed but don’t have much time to do this work. Then you can make a folder and move all the files to that folder. After that, you can upload the whole folder and zip the file. It will save your time along with storage as well.

  • Document Retrieval

At any point in time, you feel that the compressed file is not working for you and have to share it as the original file, then you can quickly reverse the compressed action taken, and you will find the original file as such.


Compressing a file can be beneficial to you in many ways; that is why whenever you feel any boundation regarding the storage or sharing a file, directly compress the file and transfer it quickly with anyone as many times you want without losing the quality and content.

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