Fun Weekend Activities

Weekend after weekend, trying to find things to do can be difficult, especially if it’s to keep the kids entertained. Sometimes you spend that long trying to decide what to do, it’s back to Sunday night and time for another week. We’ve compiled a list of weekend activities that you can do, suitable for those of you on all different budgets, and we’ve kept them kid-friendly. You can also use this list for inspiration during the summer holidays, or other time off when you’re looking for something to change it up a bit. 

Go out for dinner

After a week of working, cooking, and cleaning, one of the most rewarding ways to spend your weekend is to relax and go for a meal with your friends, family or partner. This saves you cooking and cleaning and the food will (usually) be of a higher standard after being cooked by a chef. Restaurants can be of different price points, so it would be beneficial to do some research before you go to make sure it’s within your budget, and there’s something on the menu to your taste. If going out to a restaurant isn’t for you, maybe you could phone in a takeaway to save you the hassle of cooking, but still enjoy the comfort of your own home. 

Fun Activities

There has been a rise in the UK recently of ‘fun’ places to go such as mini-golf, bowling, climbing and much more. These activities can be fun whether you have kids or without. Some places for these are centred around adults, with various alcoholic drinks including cocktails on offer. However, there are still plenty that are focused around the kids which always makes for a great day out. Make sure to do your research beforehand to find out what activities you’re after and who the audience is. 

Tidy the Garden

Maybe not top of your list of fun weekend activities, but it will likely be near the top of the to-do list. Cleaning the garden often looks like a tough task, but once the leaves are gone, and the grass is cut you can get to the fun part. Get the kids involved in painting the fence, or doing some DIY. There are plenty of guides online which could give you a more specific idea of what to do. If the garden is all tidied, you could try cleaning the areas that sometimes get neglected like your shed or guttering. Cleaning your gutters can be a difficult job and requires specific equipment, it may be best to call in the experts who can be found here. 

Play Sports

Sports are a great way to relax and have fun, even if you’re competitive. Football, golf, and tennis are all accessible in the UK for all age ranges, although the equipment for some sports can be expensive. Sports can be done at all levels from a ‘kick-about’ down the park to joining a local club, there are ways for all ages to get involved. 

Go to the Cinema

Certainly one of the most relaxing weekend activities, you could go to the cinema and see one of the latest movies. There are always several movies available to meet all people’s favourite genres, there will likely be some kid’s movies available so you can get them involved. Get some snacks and drinks and immerse yourself in another world for 2 hours or so. Make sure to do some research before you go, watch trailers and maybe even read some (non-spoiler) reviews as there is nothing worse than spending 2 hours watching something you don’t enjoy. 

Go for a Walk

Probably the most budget-friendly of all the weekend activities is to go for a walk. Whilst this seems like it could be boring if you stay close to home and pass through the same areas (depending on where you stay) there are plenty of exciting walk areas across the UK, look for inspiration, if you’re out of ideas for an exciting walk look at TikTok which can give unusual ideas and inspiration. Once you have found your perfect place, you can set off, to make it more of a day out, maybe take a picnic and have lunch during or towards the end of the walk once you’ve worked up an appetite.  

At-home Activities

There are fun activities you can do at home, this will be particularly useful for weekends of heavy rain, snow or when you just can’t be bothered going out of the house. These could include jigsaws, colouring-in, hide-and-seek, or much more. There is a lot of inspiration online and you can find places to order things you need or look for activities that don’t require any extras. 

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