How Do I Transition From Team Lead To Project Manager?

In the IT industry, it is a general question of how do I transition from team lead to project manager? In this article, we will focus on the growth and development strategies of a tech-lead, also considered as a team lead in the IT sector. The tech-leads also have the ambition to get the promotion in the position of Project Manager(PM). Now, there are hundreds of things to say on this topic. However, it is not possible to utter every single word in just one article. Still, this content can help the aspiring team lead up to a certain extent. Moreover, some new doors can open in front of them to reach their goals.

Journey From TL To Project Manager

If you really want to grow as a team lead, then focus on your personal development. You should invest more time so that the gap between you and the seat of the project manager gets reduced gradually. But, you should have that urge to learn continuously and to give all your best efforts to fulfill your dream. If you do not practice hard, then there is no point in providing any suggestions.

If you concentrate on your performance, then you can get a lot of opportunities to prove yourself. When the team is big, and there is no one competent enough to take the responsibility to manage the team, your chances can be there. So, always keep your eyes and ears open and seek a suitable chance to show your capabilities. Remember that the most knowledgeable and skilled person will get the opportunity to become the Project Manager. To become a manager, technical expertise is the foremost criteria. So, as a team leader, you must rectify all mistakes and continue learning from every project. Your hard work and motivation will undoubtedly lead you to success. When the company observes that the Team lead is already accomplishing lots of duties of a Project Manager, your name will automatically become his first preference in case of any vacancy in the chair. So, be ready for such an opportunity and never lose hope. Continuous practice is the key to achieve your goal.

Some Motivational Talks

There are some misconceptions regarding the role and responsibilities of a PM. The team lead often thinks that the job of a Project Manager is different and easier than him. But, this is actually not the reality. The general misconceptions that the team leads have are;-

  • The team lead may think that whatever he is doing now, as a PM, the same thing will be done better. So, basically, it will be a higher level to apply his skills.
  • Since the TL is the best in his field, only a few reports can give him the PM’s position. So, there is no challenge in it.
  • Project Managers draw a handsome salary but need to work pretty less.
  • It is effortless to handle the responsibilities of the Project Manager. A PM is only there to attend multiple meetings, write reports, and talk with the customers over phones. So, there is nothing tough in it.

It is not always the truth what people predict. The skillsets of different professionals vary a lot. So, the knowledge that a team lead possesses may not always be suitable for a Project Manager. To elevate to that level, it is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you can analyze yourself correctly, nothing can stop you from being successful. But, if you are not eager to learn, there is no way you can fulfill the dream.




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