How NCERT Books help Ace Class 11

How NCERT Books help Ace Class 11

While preparing for CBSE Class 11 examinations for different subjects, students are often unsure of whether NCERT books are sufficient in their exam preparation. The truth is that NCERTs are the fundamental and the most important study material for Class 11 CBSE subjects. As the name suggests, reference books are meant for reference or additional information on a particular topic from the syllabus, but NCERTs are the building blocks of the most important concepts. If the foundation is laid strong, the rest of the preparation process for Class 11 CBSE subjects will fall into place. Therefore, students of class 11 must be assured that studying thoroughly from NCERTs is the ultimate strategy to fetch good marks in the Class 11 examinations. 

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NCERT Books have everything that you need to ace the Class 11 exams. Refer to NCERT Class 11 Books to pass the Class 11 exams with flying colors. Here are some advantages that give NCERT Books an edge over any other books available in the market.

      1. Gives you a thorough understanding of the subject:

The NCERT books are well-designed in that they cover all topics with clarity for students of all intelligence levels, and they are also aimed to remove students’ doubts and polish their fundamentals.

      2. The majority of CBSE Class 11 questions come from NCERT books:

      NCERT contains all of the questions that might be asked in upcoming Class 11 final examinations. The CBSE Class 11 question papers contain more than 80 percent of NCERT-only questions or questions that are indirectly based on the NCERTs; there is hardly any question that is asked outside of the NCERT curriculum. As a result, we may conclude that NCERT books are essential for Class 11 CBSE students.

     3. In NCERT, the important questions at the end of each chapter are frequently twisted and asked in exams:

     If you read the NCERT books, you will notice that there are extra questions such as ‘match the following,’ ‘respond in one word,’ and so on. This is the portion that students overlook while studying from the NCERT books, and these are the portions from which CBSE twists and turns questions to include in the question paper.

     4. The CBSE Curriculum Is Strictly Followed In NCERT Books:

     NCERT promotes deep learning by bringing clarity to concepts, which helps students answer the most difficult problems. While students may believe that the information in NCERT books is based on the CBSE curriculum because of several ‘out of the syllabus questions,’ this is not the case. If you have properly studied the NCERT books, he would be able to answer any question in the examination, no matter how complex the topic may be.

     5. More than the side books, NCERT books help you more in understanding concepts:

     The best method to study is to start with NCERT books, which are excellent for clarifying concepts, and don’t forget to make quick revision notes for later use. NCERT revision notes will So that it can aid in quick improvements and last-minute revisions before the Class 11 final examination. The best part about NCERT books is that they provide you with a greater grasp and clarity of concepts, which is something that other books do not provide.

     6. NCERT Books are recommended by CBSE:

     CBSE has always mandated NCERT books, and private schools have been advised not to recommend any other books to pupils since they are a waste of time and a burden on the student’s life. They claimed, and they meant it, that NCERT books alone are enough to get high grades in boards; there is no need to overextend yourself by studying from a variety of different books to cover the same syllabus.

     7. In comparison to other side books, NCERT books are written in a simple language:

     Students are strongly advised by CBSE to study only NCERT books because NCERT books are written and published in an easily understandable language that assists students in clarifying their concepts and preparing well for exams, whereas other books, in comparison, may have language that goes beyond the student’s understanding and often results in chaos.

     8. NCERT Books Help You Save A Lot Of Time When It Comes To Exam Preparation:

     Because of the simplicity of language, students may acquire topics from NCERT books in less time than from other texts, which saves a lot of time when it comes to Class 11 exam preparation and time management. The time may well be spent on topics where the students lack or require further expertise, thus, NCERT books are a lifesaver.

  • NCERT Textbooks Are Enough To Get A Good Grade In Class 11 Exams: 

It clears your concepts, uses more comprehensible and understandable language, covers the whole syllabus, has the added benefit of being recommended by the CBSE, and has been compiled by an expert faculty. What else do you need to rely on besides NCERT books to get a good grade in CBSE Class 11 exams?

In conclusion, after knowing how important NCERT books are for your Class 11 exams, you must start prioritizing your preparation from the NCERTs. Knowing about the importance of NCERT books is not enough, you must dedicate a few hours daily to strengthen your NCERT concepts. Taking action and implementing your study plan involving the extensive study of the NCERT books is the ultimate preparation strategy that will help you succeed in the CLass 11 exams. 

While studying from Class 11 NCERT books, it is important that you revise them regularly too. Studying from the NCERTs is as important as revising them from time to time to retain whatever is learned for a longer time period. The more readings you give and the more you practice from the NCERT, the better will be your score in the Class 11 final examination. Last but not the least, take care of your health and sleep well before the examination, to have a clear, active mind that will enable you to recall whatever you have learned from the Class 11 NCERT books. All the best! 

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