How to choose a PC power supply?

One of the most important computer components is the power supply that plays an important role in the smooth working of the computer system. As PC runs on electricity therefore power supply unit is an important element in the system. The alternating current (AC) provided by the power supply has been converted into the DC (Direct current) that has been used by the components of the system to operate their functions. Therefore to run your computer system smoothly and efficiently, you should choose a power supply that provides reliable, clean, and stable power to your system. If you are not able to choose the right power supply unit then it can lead to many problems like random resets, freezes, and many more.

Let’s first discuss, how much power output do you need?

While there are a lot of factors that you can consider while buying a power supply unit but how much power does your system need does not consider any factors. You can simply use a power supply calculator to determine the exact amount of power needed to output.

Factors that help in choosing the right power supply!!!

  1. Protection 

There are certain manufacturers that build the power supply units while protection keeping in mind so that the components and elements of the system can stay safe. Though at the same time these protections can increase the cost of the power supply unit the peace that they provide to users are the worth of their cost.

Protections are like overvoltage protection in which the circuit or mechanism shuts down by itself in case the output voltage exceeds the required voltage therefore all the components of the system can remain safe. As you know high voltage or overvoltage can damage the components of the system therefore it is great protection.

  1. Form factor 

The form factor is one of the most important factors that one should consider while buying a computer power supply. There are some standards in power supplies similar to the cases and motherboards. After all, you have to pick the form factor that matches the case. Have a look at the most available form factors:


Although there are AT power supplies available in the market while people choose to buy ATX computer power supply online even when AT form factor power supplies are legacy products. Have a look at the ATX and AT form factors:

a.) ATX power supply tends to provide an extra voltage rail of around +3.3V voltage when compared to the AT form factor power supplies.

b.) ATX power supply support features like the soft-off feature that helps the software to get turn off whenever needed.

c.) It uses a single 20 pin connector.

These are the reasons why most of the people are purchasing the ATX power supply units rather than purchasing the AT power supply unit.

 Other factors are:

Fan noise and cable convenience are some of the most important factors that one should consider. Though these factors are not that vital but it will make your experience of using power supply pleasant.

Fan noise 

As you know power supplies tend to generate heat which means it is important to have a fan that can help the components to stay cool so that the system can run smoothly and efficiently. Consider the work environment in which you are working because it will affect the kind of power supply you purchase.


Cabling is the other factor that should be considered while buying a power supply unit. You can choose a power supply cable from hard-wired, modular and hybrid cables as per your choice. This is the feature that will decide how much your clean will be your case and how much work you will need to keep your PC organized and uncluttered.


Obviously, there are a lot of factors that one has to consider while buying a power supply so that your system can work smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, it is a wiser option to spend time choosing a power supply that provides reliable, safe, and consistent power to all the components of the system. So, buy ATX computer power supply online so that you can get the best possible performance of your system and can help in contributing to a lifetime of reliability of your system. This will help your personal computer efficient and a better system.



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