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How to Clean a Flooded Wet Carpet or Water Damaged Carpet?

There are some days in life where nothing goes right for you. Are you experiencing massive carpet damage at your home? If something went wrong a day than luckily you can do cleaning to your carpet by yourself. If the damage remained for more than 48 hours then you have to seek help from professionals and it may lead to the replacement of the carpet. Flood-damaged carpet’s cleaning or replacement will be depending upon how long they stayed wet. If the water level was highly contaminated then keeping the same carpet in-home would be unfit for people living there. The watery place is favourable to the growth of microbes and molds even. Therefore wet carpets should immediately evacuate from water. It can be done by steam dryers or other blower equipment.

Wet Carpet or Water Damaged Carpet

Wet carpet drying options would be higher depending upon the real cause behind flood damaging. If carpet absorbed sewage water then one shouldn’t go for drying or keeping it as it would have a high risk of health hazards because it may contain infectious disease for you in the future. The kids and pets are more prone to diseases relative to adults. Hence, quite understandable that how important it is to dehydrate the wet carpets? Wet carpet appears to emit some unbearable odour so act as quick as possible, late would cause in carpet’s discoloration as well.

Wet Carpet

Before thinking about what to do with wet and flooded carpet, do close the real culprit from where water seeped. It can be a roof, door, or any pipeline. It can be a drain issue or you forgot to switch off the water motor that resulted in water accumulation. There could be a closer chance of pipeline leakage that has done such destruction to the house. Get it rectified as soon as possible. By solving the problem in the right direction is the key.

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The foremost thing to keep in mind while experiencing drying carpets by yourself that during winters, it’s not a good idea especially in-door. But edge to edge laid carpets are not easy to be removed from the floor and let it wash and dry, so it would be better to be replaced soon. Carpet size would decide whether is it possible for home ideas for cure or pro is required. Because water damage carpets vary from situation to situation. Black, grey, contaminated water will affect the person too who will try to treat it at home without precautions. Wear gloves before treating anything. There are many ways to clean your flooded wet carpets but some useful tips are as follows:

Wet vacuums are used to suck all the water from carpets. You would just need to buy it from the market. Always go for the equipment that is easy in use. Electrical appliances should be used with great care. Negligence cannot be afforded. Find out around the items available in the room. If any other object got affected then empty your room to save all other household items. You need to create ventilation in the room so no moisture or odour in the carpet can stay longer in the room. All windows should be opened, use floor fans or turn on your ceiling fans. There might be higher moisture in the room due to flooded carpet and better to bring dehumidifier in use. For steam cleaning, you can do it by yourself or hire a professional because it is a highly sensitive thing to do.

Steam will kill germs or remove any toxic material present in the flooded carpet cleaning. Doing a mob with baking soda would a great idea. Because baking soda has unique characteristics of absorbing bad odour or giving the carpet a completely new look. If small carpet is damaged due to rainwater or roof tripping then it’s easy to remove it from the room and clean it in open are where cross air will help it to get dry faster. There are also many scents and fragrant sprays available in the market to eradicate bad smell. The carpets must be sanitized also with sanitizer as they are important for disinfecting germs. Make sure to use liquids that are less toxic or good for the environment. The surroundings or environment should be kept clean and healthy for a hygienic lifestyle. The nattiness of house items highlights the ways of living.

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