How to Fix Netflix Error Code 0013 on Mi TV

Netflix has a lot of errors to deal with. These error codes are not limited and it varies from one to another. Netflix has an error code that tells you that a particular movie isn’t available in your country. The error code is tagged NSES 404  error code. When this error comes up it implies that the movie is not allowed in the region where you are or the movie’s URL no longer exists so you cannot access it. Another Netflix popular error is NSES 500 which is used to classify Netflix error when the streaming service server is down. However, in this post today, we will shift our attention to Netflix error code 0013 that distorts your Mi TV whenever you want to stream or watch your favorite movies or TV program and how to fix it.

When you see the error code 0013 on your MiTV whenever you want to stream on the service’s server it means that you need to take care of some data on your TV or refreshen the device to fix it. This is not a big deal in any way. The error code 0013 could go as long as saying “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists please visit the Netflix website (0013)”.

I’ll advise you not to give up as we will provide some ways to fix this error code and regain access to Netflix on your MiTV.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 0013 on Mi TV

Follow the suggestions below one after the other to attempt fixing the error code 0013 that keep coming on your Mi TV.

  1. Watch Another Video

First and foremost, search for another Netflix video on your Mi TV to see if the error code keeps coming again. At times, the error code occurred because the video source isn’t valid or bad. If the new video repeats that you are not allowed to stream because of the error code 0013 tr the next suggestion.

  1. Restart your Mi TV

Another approach to consider before you go to the advanced level that we will share with you is to clear stored data by restarting your Mi TV. All you need to do is to remove the cord from the socket and wait for a couple of minutes, insert the cable back and press on the switch-on button on the remote.

  1. Clear Netflix App Caches and Data

If not of the above suggestion fix the 0013 Netflix error code. Next, consider clearing the Netflix app caches and data. It could have been for you to uninstall the Netflix app and reinstall it again. But, if you are running the latest version of the Netflix app on your Mi TV there is no need to remove and re-add rather we will advise you to clear the app caches or data or both.

  • Go to the Mi TV’s settings menu
  • Scroll to the App Manager or Manage Applications or Application Manager
  • Click on the Netflix app from the list.
  • Click “Clear data” under the “Storage” option.
  • Done.

All caches contributing to the error 0013 code on the Netflix app will be deleted. After this, check out the video you are trying to stream and see if the error is still not cleared.

If you need more guides on how to fix Netflix error and other related tech issues click here.

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