How was the move during the summer?

The summer season is the peak season for movers who are often overwhelmed by requests from customers wishing to move during the summer. However, this season is far from the best time to change homes. Indeed, moving rates double and sometimes triple! If you do not have other solutions and you will have to move during the summer, here is what you need to know to better manage the “D” day.

Moving during the summer: the constraints to be met

Among movers, the summer season extends from the beginning of June to mid-September: in July requests increase which can cause a scarcity of service which always leads to an increase in prices! The high season also includes Christmas and New Years’ days. During this period, the movers are very requested by the customers, they are therefore much less available.

If you organise a move to Raleigh during the summer, you may encounter certain difficulties: for example, you may have trouble finding a mover offering his services. Even if you get there, it takes longer to get an appointment.

During the summer season, the movers are often encumbered by requests so they cannot move on weekends because of vacation departures. This can further complicate your agenda!

When the movers are less available during the summer, be sure that the prices of the services will increase and rise by 30 to 40% than the services offered during the rest of the year. Know that most movers carry out the high season!

Tips and Tricks for a successful move in the summer

Get organised for a successful move

Good organisation is the key to a successful move during the high season: remember to start preparations two months in advance. If you want to entrust your project to a cheap mover in Raleigh, get in touch with several providers at least two or three months in advance. This is very important for obtaining precise quotes and thus benefit from a better moving formula adapted to your needs and your budget.

Choose your moving service provider

Some moving companies in relight recruit seasonal employees to meet customer demand. You may then hire newbies who may make mistakes or generate breakage during the move.

So be careful when choosing the company with which you will work, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on D-Day. Make sure that the hired movers are experienced and used to this kind of work.

Optimize your calendar according to the availability of the movers

During the high season, the movers are often in a hurry: it would sometimes be difficult to meet deadlines and apply schedules. So try to optimize your schedule according to the availability of the movers. This way, you will be sure to find a moving team at your service.

Postpone your project for mid-season or low season

If your move is not an obligation, consider postponing your move for mid-season or low season. In this way, you can benefit from quality services at much more competitive prices.

The mid-season runs from March to May and during the school holidays. Thus, there is a good chance of finding a cheap Raleigh mover at reasonable prices only in the high season.

The low season starts from January to March or from mid-September to mid-December. This is the perfect time to move in: movers are less busy and they usually offer unbeatable prices to fill their calendars.

Some advice to help you move?

We all want to move to find a larger, more spacious home or even move to change our life and city. For businesses, a move can radically change their economy and their growth. They need to give their employees ideal working conditions. This is why a move is taken seriously and must be organised to perfection so that it takes place in optimal conditions.

However, sometimes when we have never moved, we do not know where to start and we feel lost in front of all the tasks to be done! Do n’t panic: in these types of situations, there are moving professionals who can help and advise you. Below are some great tips from a professional mover.

First advice: properly sort your personal and/or professional belongings

The first step in organising a move is sorting your personal or professional belongings. Indeed, when we live for years in the same accommodation, we often tend to pile up our things.

And when the time comes to move, we can find ourselves faced with a lot of unnecessary business. This is why it is necessary to carry out a spring cleaning and to put aside the things which can be sold or given to relatives. Our mover Raleigh generally advises to carry out this step at least 1 month before the day of the move.

Indeed, this step can take a long time since it will then start to pack your things carefully and strategically. Because during transport, your belongings may bump into each other. This is why we strongly advise you to put aside your most fragile belongings to avoid any breakage and possible deterioration.

Second tip: organise a technical visit to calculate your furniture volume

Once you’ve sorted through your belongings, you have a better idea of ​​how much furniture and items to move and pack inboxes. This is called furniture volume. But what to do with this volume? How much will your cost based on your furniture volume?

It is by using a professional mover that you can correctly and accurately calculate your budget. Indeed, you have the possibility of using what is called the online volume calculator. It is a very simple tool to use thanks to your computer and your internet connection. However, it will give you a rough estimate of your budget, and therefore not a reliable estimate. For this, we strongly advise you to organise a technical visit with professional movers.

Third tip: ask professional movers for help with their move

A move can be very costly if you don’t follow the essential steps. Very often, the think that using professional movers will cost them dearly, but they are wrong! Fortunately, some movers offer formulas at very attractive prices, to meet all types of budgets. But what are the advantages of using a professional mover?

The advantages are numerous: you can let the experts take care of your move from A to Z, you will be serene and you will be able to move in peace.

Professional movers have the skills and knowledge, but not only. They also have with them the human, financial and material resources necessary to take charge of all types of move.

In normal times, a good mover has a sales team that must be experienced and trained in the trade of mover.

The fourth tip: request a quote from professional movers

Finding the right moving company is not an easy task since many movers exist and offer their services. This is why it is necessary to contact at least three different companies and ask them each for a quote. By having several quotes, you can then easily make your final choice.

In the estimate, the professional mover must take into account basic criteria such as the date of your move, the distance to be covered, the volume of furniture, the accessibility to your accommodation, the chosen move insurance but also the number of movers who will have to be recruited. To be able to find the ideal moving agency, you can trust the SIRET number but also the comments and opinions that are left by the customers of the moving company. Also, take the time to look at the formulas and the prices offered.

If you want to hire professional movers, you now have all the cards in hand to find your ideal mover for your move!


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