Implement these SEO Tactics to make your Single-Page Website Rank Better on Google

Implement these SEO Tactics to make your Single-Page Website Rank Better on Google

In the world of search engine optimization, single-page sites are not given with the highest priority after all. They surely have cool animations and designs, but it still becomes difficult for Google to find them. As a result, it becomes difficult to rank on Google search results. The optimization process on these websites is difficult, but not impossible. So, there are few SEO tips left that you can utilize to increase the ranking of your single-page website and earn more potential traffic.

Link building is important:

For all the websites, link building is crucial. Especially when it comes to small websites without an ample sufficiency of content, it becomes more critical. As the usual on-page optimizations are limited, the users must rely more on links to drive traffic and to get better ranking. SEO agency Melbourne explains the advantage of time. Instead of wasting time, on-page content and blogs, you can establish relationships to earn links. Link building, earning backlinks in reality, and unlinking brand mentions can give you the boost that you need. These are some of the lesser-known tactics that you can apply. Moreover, you can add social media buttons, so that it becomes easier for the visitors to share content on your website.

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Focus on making high-quality content:

To make quality content, you can take help from many online platforms like social media sites or YouTube or contact a local seo specialist in Darwin. Talking about YouTube, it is one of the most well-known platforms to create contents, and among them, some are treated to eyes. You can gather information and ideas from there to make eye-catching content. If your website has a single page, it must look amazing and outstanding to be worth sharing. Just by being a little unique, any site can draw a link. Always prioritize readability, and make sure that your content is relevant to your audience to increase the traffic naturally. Google prioritizes websites that stay updated. Therefore, act accordingly.

Keywords matters:

You need to be sure about the keywords that will surely offer you the best results and where to use them in the space. Thus, you must perform the keyword research thoroughly before anything. The problem is that you cannot put all of the keywords. Instead, you have to pick and select the best keywords. This means that you will have to make tough choices regarding what to consider and what not to. So, spend some extra few hours on keyword research. For keyword optimization, the presence of H1 tags offers you several opportunities. The sites having several H1 tags indicate about the separation of content.

Use anchor links to break down content into sections:

Even if you have a single-page site, but to present the content clearly in a compelling way, your website will require some sort of robust structures. For example, if you are making a single-page site for your business, you can take help or motivation from a format of a traditional website by organizing the content based on the standards of industry- products, contact, home and much more. The best way to perform this is to make use of anchor links. Suppose your one-page site relies on anchor links and has a separate section to divide the content. The top of the page’s navigation will allow you to jump to the different sections. It also becomes easier for the search spiders and the visitors to navigate your page.


Performing optimizations for single-page sites is not impossible, if you have a unique way of thinking and if you can perform some of the extra works. All you need to do is just stay focused and show creativity. Pay more and closer attention to every detail, to make sure that each of the little things is in the right place.

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