Importance of NCERT books for Class 12 Physics students for board exams 

Importance of NCERT books for Class 12 Physics students for board exams

Board exams are defining moments in a student’s life and if you are a science student, physics is vital because subsequently, they decide the field they want to pursue their career in. 

The increasing competition in academics and the passion for pursuing the dreams have been growing with each passing day. Amidst all this, the question of choosing the best studying material arises for science, especially physics. The Central Board of Secondary Education prescribes National Council of  Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books in the curriculum at all levels in education.  The board exams consist of the questions from NCERT books, specifically. Consequently,  students are able to study in an apt and precise manner. 

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Easily understandable by all 

A good book recognizes the individual differences between the students and makes learning interesting and motivating for all. NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics fulfil the requisite by providing extensive knowledge in a very simple and easy language. The students are able to understand the difficult concepts easily. 

Makes students creative and help them understand, comprehend and apply the knowledge  attained 

The NCERT physics book encompasses various activities and problems for the students to discover on their own. This has a positive impact on them, in the aspect of the development of thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Another benefit of the use of NCERT books for board exams is that they provide relevant knowledge to the students, which help them relate the basic concepts they have previously studied in their schools. 

Provides precise knowledge 

True to its core, the questions in the CBSE board exams do not extend from the boundaries of the NCERT syllabus. Consequently, the students don’t have to look through different sources to understand a concept. The learning process of physics for them becomes easy and efficient, as they are able to utilise their time in learning and understanding rather than searching.

NCERT books importance in competitive exams 

Additionally, NCERT books are consistently applicable for the students preparing for competitive exams. Because of the simple language, they hold a significant position in building foundations of knowledge in different subjects for the students.  

The Problems and Solutions in the book 

The exercises given throughout each chapter of NCERT books helps the students to practice and learn. They understand a concept and attempt to solve the problems related to them, and eventually move to another part. This way, the students are able to practice each topic thoroughly before starting a new one. 

Learning by understanding, and not just mugging 

Students are able to understand fundamentals, without needing to rote learn every word in the book. This is helpful to the board students in a way that they are able to solve complex questions that come in the exams, in a view of the fact that they have a deep understanding and knowledge about the background of the question. 

Concepts are clarified 

NCERT books help the students in clearing the difficult concepts in a very simple manner. The students are able to conceptualize different principles, theories, information in their minds and are able to effectively correlate each one with the other. 

Students are encouraged and motivated 

NCERT has diminished the fear of exams in the students, through their books. Board students have to put up with the pressure of examinations in advance of their examinations. The knowledge gained through NCERT books helps the students to prepare their subjects to the core,  thus helping them to be confident in their learning and perform their best while attempting the board question paper. 

Helpful in revision during preparation 

Revision before the exam is an unquestionable requirement. Students, specifically those preparing for board exams should give an adequate amount of time to overhaul the points so everything stays new in the brain. It ought to be done often. All things considered, NCERT  books make it simple as the depiction of every concept, theory, and principle is peculiar. It is likewise recommended to tackle questions from the activities in the books while revising for the exam that would end up being an additional benefit to them.

Abundance of examples 

Some topics are better understood with the help of instances, especially physics, therefore each topic in the NCERT  book is made to bring about better comprehension of fundamentals with the help of examples. This helps them to visualise the difficult concepts, through the use of illustration.  

Helps the students to manage time effectively for studying 

NCERT books are written in extremely simple language. They depict complex ideas in an exceptionally basic manner. They include their knowledge which is precise and most accurate for each topic. In this way, it assists students with understanding and unpredictable points in less measure of time. 

Information given in the book is curated by the researchers 

All the information added in NCERT course readings is painstakingly checked by different specialists and analysts. Every topic included in NCERT books is scrutinized by experts in order to provide the most genuine and reliable information for the students. Board students can count on the knowledge they learn from NCERT books. 

The Source of information is from trusted references 

NCERT books contain critical details, equations, and inquiries to make the students completely ready for the exams. NCERT books are viewed as the best examination materials for each CBSE  board student. They don’t have to allude to any reference while doing preparation for their examinations.  

With regards to scoring the best marks in the class in the examinations, whether competitive or boards, students generally burn through their time searching for the ideal examination materials while they as of now have the ideal ones laying right in front of their eyes. NCERT or  National Council of Education, Research and Training have been creating course readings for the understudies of essential and optional levels according to the most recent CBSE educational plan and rules. These books are planned in a great manner by the best instructors and topic specialists in the business. Consequently, contemplating these books will be truly valuable to all the CBSE board students for physics and all the other subjects. 

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