Top 5 men’s motorcycle leather jackets 

motorcycle leather jackets

Men and bikes have been in a close relationship since the first motorbike rolled out. However, somewhere down the line, mens motorcycle leather jackets got associated with the whole cool aura that surrounds the rev of a bike. Many leather companies, some sponsored by the bike manufacturer themselves came up with brilliant designs and forms of jackets that were cool and protected the riders from fatigue and falls. Therefore, there are many genuine leather jackets that men (and women) can procure to match their motorcycles as well as their riding needs. We have come up with the top 5 all-time men’s motorcycle jackets that one could buy for his bike and sometimes just for wearing as a night out dress code.

Motorcycle leather jackets

Vintage Distressed Jacket

A style and design that has borne the movie screens since he the days of black and white films. A genuine jacket with distressed marking giving a unique vintage look. This look can be created by being dragged behind by a horse or with the advent of technology from pre-made vintage design houses. Either way, these jackets make you stand out on your bike and off it as well. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort and outstanding design than a vintage distressed jacket should be your go-to piece of apparel every time you rev out!!

Straight Jacket

Sometimes you need a leather jacket that doubles up as a nice jacket and a riding jacket at the same time. This way you do not have to switch clothes while you walk into a nice place after your bike ride. For this purpose, a straight brown zip-up jacket with minimal markings is the one that you should get right away. These two in one jacket helps in your rides as well as once you are trying to dress to impress.

 Cross Lapel Jacket

If a cross lapel classic design is your style matching an unorthodox bike or state of mind then a cross lapel jacket is just for you. This handmade jacket is hand-picked to give a Hollywood feel every time you ride into the sunset and the tailor-made sizing is carried out to bring about the perfect fit as per the sizing chart. Extra space, perfect fit and smooth polyester lining not only make these jackets extremely stylish but comfortable at the same time. Get one now and rev up your motorcycle game.

Vent Jacket

While you are on a long ride under the sun or during a humid night, you need air ventilation to keep you cool and at ease. This can be achieved by using a jacket with vents. These fish gills like vent allow the air to cross between the jacket and around your chest area. This is done by the help of two long zippers that you can open on the move so that there is air crossing easily and you don’t have to worry about bugs getting in like when you open the front zipper. 

Padded Leather Jacket

If a nice evening is what you after filled with style after a cool bike ride (with protection)  than a padded jacket with CE grade shoulder and elbow padding is what you are looking for. Extra zips, fitting straps, and cross collar allow you to carry a specific style statement on the bike or even while walking on the sidewalk. Special design along with a soft inner polyester lining keeps you cozy as well as comfortable due to the exact fitting while you ride.

In the end, a leather jacket can be used in almost all settings. Therefore, the ideal method to get one of the best leather motorcycle jackets is to go for practicality and design that you love. Durability is something that comes hand in hand with genuine leather apparel. Moreover, do get a set of instructions from the manufacturer about ways to take care of your jacket. If it is kept and worn well, then the jacket life goes on & on. Some of the best jackets of biker lads were gifted by their grandfathers when leather jackets were really expensive to won. Get your favourite handmade genuine leather jacket and own the night on two wheels or off it too!

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