Shift Is Transforming The Delivery Industry In England

Shift Is Transforming The Delivery Industry In England

Every single person and business will eventually need to hire someone to handle a delivery. Some are simple, like an envelope, while others are quite difficult, like moving an entire home. What is always the case though is the difficulty of finding the best possible rate and quality delivery services that can be used. Shift, a business launched in 2017, is trying to solve all this and it is actively revolutionizing the delivery industry.

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What Is Shift?

Did you ever order food from a service like Glovo or Uber Eats? If so, you can easily understand Shift. We are talking about a technology company that is actually a logistics marketplace in the delivery industry.

To put it as simple as possible, Shift allows businesses and individuals to find delivery services that can handle pretty much anything, ranging from sofa removals to waste disposal. Basically, no matter what you need to move or ship in the covered areas, you can use the system to find delivery professionals in a very short period of time.

Why Shift?

The reason why Shift is very interesting is the fact that it offers a much better option than simply looking for vans and courier services. What few people understand is the fact that conventional moving and removing systems are inefficient.

Shift is different because it takes into account the downtime of drivers and moving services. The user completes a form, saying what is to be delivered or moved, together with address details. Then, Shift looks at all the available movers and couriers to find a free spot that can be utilized. Such a system automatically maximizes the resources available from service providers while having the customer at the core of the business.

How Does Shift Work?

As already mentioned, Shift is a logistics solution for both customers and delivery professionals. A proprietary technology finds spaces available in vehicles already moving from one destination to another. There is then an algorithm that is calculating the possible variation of the vehicles in terms of routes. As a result, more deliveries are possible in a lower time.

Basically, when you use the Shift system, the delivery process is drastically optimised. For the drivers, the paying routes calculated are better. For the customer, the on-demand services are cheaper since vehicles that are already moving are being utilized.

To make matters even more interesting, an extra advantage that is not often mentioned with a logistics system like Shift is that fewer vehicles end up being on the road. As a result, the impact of the delivery industry on the environment is minimized.

On the whole, we are looking at a very interesting system that has already proven its efficiency. Hundreds of vehicles are always available for customers and nobody can deny the advantages offered for the movers. In an industry that was traditionally dominated by the man and van system in England, Shift is changing the game with a very smart use of technology and algorithms capable of helping every party involved.

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