Top 5 Ways To Deal With A Panic Attack

Deal with panic attack

Having panic attacks is painful!

Someone who has been through that pain of not being able to control their breathing and their hands shaking from the cold sweat could testify to that.

So, why not be prepared beforehand and know exactly what to do when you have one?

Dealing With Panic Attacks

During an emergency situation, it is impossible to ask for therapy. Therefore, here are some of the tips you can try during emergency panic attacks.

However, if you have frequent panic attacks, then this should not be your only option. Get professional help as soon as possible.

1. Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are the first thing you should try after you have recognized the fact that you have a panic attack. Here are some of the common exercises as advised by psychologists themselves.

– Close your eyes, and try to shut down every noise around.

– Try box breathing. This is where you breathe in a count of 5, hold for a count of 5, exhale in a count of 5, and hold for a count of 5; then repeat.

– Try to concentrate on your heartbeat, and do your best to consciously lower your heartbeat.

Panic attacks are psychological, but most of the symptoms are physical. Therefore, if you could control and mitigate your physical symptoms, it would be easier to deal with the thoughts.

2. Try To Distract Yourself

Easy distractions are very useful when you have to stop feeling the shivering, the thumping heart, the cold sweat, and the icy palms. During a panic attack, you will automatically feel your body temperature falling.

The first thing you need to do is increase your body temperature. Take a blanket and wrap it around yourself. Sit on a warm place, like a bed or a couch cocooned up, and focus on your breathing.

Suppose the silence is painful to handle, then put on some music or comfort movies in the background. You should always have a music or movie playlist downloaded for times like this. As they can help you take your mind off things.

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3. Try To Talk To Someone

If you live alone, then call someone. Someone who is near and dear to you and would give you the time. The key is not to call someone who is just going to make you feel worse about this.

Call a friend or a close family member, and explain to them beforehand that you have a panic attack. This will immediately alert them not to ask too many questions and just listen to your talk.

People who deal with severe anxiety can induce panic attacks with constant overthinking. Therefore, they just need to hear their thoughts and fears out loud to understand them better.

4. Avoid Alcohol Or Other Drugs At All Cost

No matter what you do, do not take solace from alcohol or any other addictive substance to get rid of your anxiety. These are temporary means of relief, which means once the effects wear out, you will feel that hang of panic again.

It is always better to cure it naturally. However, if the situation seems to have worsened, then you can ask for prescribed medicinal help from a professional.

Remember that even medicines are temporary, and they wouldn’t continue for the rest of your life. Taking therapy is the best suggestion for someone who is dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

5. Practise Mindfulness

Most of our anxiety stems from anxious thoughts in the back of our minds. So, why not stop lurking there and come to the present state of mind?

This is what being mindful means. You start becoming aware of your present surroundings and currency reality rather than thinking about what could have happened or would happen.

Some of the best practices are meditation, and the 333 rule, where you concentrate upon three things you can feel, see and hear in your surroundings.

Get Help!

Now, dealing with anxiety is normal. There are many who go through anxious thoughts once in a while. However, if these anxious thoughts are giving you constant panic attacks, then it is a matter of worry, and you should book therapy today.

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