Toppers Strategies for Scoring Perfect Marks in Class 12 Mathematics

UploToppers Strategies for Scoring Perfect Marks in Mathematics

We often wonder how those students study who score perfect marks in the Maths exam.  Many students think of Maths as a difficult subject because they believe it is only doable for toppers and geniuses. Well, this is certainly a myth, to say the least. Maths is for anyone who is determined, focused, and willing to put in the required time and effort in the subject. If you are also in awe of those students who score perfect marks in Class 12 Maths, we have enlisted certain strategies that toppers recommend to help you be a part of the toppers league in this Class 12 board exam. 

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  • Be organized:

One thing that is common to all the high achievers is their ability to stay organized throughout the year. As the academic year starts, they brace themselves, make a study plan, familiarize themselves with the exam pattern, the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For Maths, and the things that they need to do for the entire year.  Knowing the exam pattern and the syllabus helps you study more efficiently and make a flawless study plan. Since Maths requires a ton of learning and practice make sure you are vigilant with the subject right from the start. The day the chapter is taught in class, make sure you study it well at home. Highlight any doubts you have and get them cleared by the teacher the very next day. Do not keep doubts piling up.

If possible practice a lot of extra questions from the currently taught topics to strengthen your base right from the start. You can also look up some reference videos on the internet if you need more conceptual clarity on a topic.

  • Have the best resources  at hand

Make sure that you have a designated place for all your study material. Try to gather the sample question papers, previous years’ question papers, and reference books (if using any) as soon as the academic year begins. However, remember that your most important study material is the NCERT textbook. You can in no way ignore the NCERT textbook if you want to ace the Class 12 Maths examination. You can use reference books like RD Sharma to get more practice questions. But the main focus has to be the NCERT textbook. You need to practice every example and exercise question of the NCERT textbook many times over to fulfill the dream of scoring perfect marks in the exam. You can also download some important questions and practice questions from the internet.

  • Prepare notes

Notes are as important in Maths as they are in any other subject. You must write all the important theorems, formulas, and derivations in a separate notebook. Have a separate formula cheat sheet that you can refer to while studying. Stick the formulas in big font somewhere in your room so that you can glance at them often. Looking at them regularly helps to improve memorization. Also, maintain a practice notebook for mathematics wherein you can practice one exercise question multiple times. When you solve one question from the NCERT exercise, write it three times in your practice notebook there and then. 

  • Practice endless question papers.

To be able to quickly comprehend and solve the questions in your exam, you must utilize your revision time to solve as many question papers as you can. The practice you get by solving previous years’ question papers is unmatched. Collect question papers from the last 5-7 years and solve them daily. If possible, get yourself answer sheets as you get in the exam. Solve one question paper daily in one answer sheet. This not only gives you great practice but also helps you work on producing a neat answer sheet in the exam. Set a timer while solving the practice papers and do not exceed the time limit.

  • Do a ton of written practice

Apart from the question papers, do a lot of written practice to solve as many questions as you can. As you are aware Maths is all about practice. Unfortunately, many students just solve exercise questions once and the next time just take a casual look at them or revise them orally. Consequently, they find it hard to write the answers correctly step by step in the exam. They also do not have a good writing speed and fight desperately for extra time in the exam as a result. Thus exhaustive written practice cannot be ignored for the Class 12 board exam.

  • Give mock tests

Mock tests are another great way to gauge your progress and the current level of understanding. You can find a lot of mock test papers online that do not only have answer keys but also give a detailed analysis of the paper. Give these mock test papers due to practice especially as the date of the exams nears. 

  • Revise well

If you made a good timetable and stuck to it throughout the year with efficient time management, you will likely get at least a month just for revision. For the Class 12 Maths board exam, you must revise the entire syllabus through your notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Your revision is a deciding factor to score perfect marks in the Class 12 Board exam.

A bonus tip!

If you thought these strategies by Class 12 Maths toppers will prove useful for you then we another additional tip that will help you during the actual exam. When toppers have such useful tips for us, then shouldn’t we learn a little bit more about how they perform in the actual exam? That is why you must take out some time and search the internet for Class 12 Topper’s answer sheets. CBSE takes great initiative when it posts the answer sheets of toppers for various subjects. Looking at these answer sheets helps you to understand the kind of answer sheets the examiner expects. A quick look at the toppers’ answer sheets reveals that they are perfectly immaculate, neat, organized, with all formulas and important points highlighted, and just a delight to look at. Carefully examine these answer sheets and while solving mock test papers at home try to replicate such flawless answer sheets yourself. This way you will get into a habit of writing perfect answers in a clear organized manner that will impress the examiner. 

Try to follow these tips earnestly before the Class 12 board examination and see your result improve massively.

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