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Valentina Jewels

Well, knowing about celebrities through biography could be a habit for many, but some sections will also look for adult actresses. Here, we are going to focus on Valentina Jewels. She is an American adult actress and was born in El Progreso, Honduras, in 1998. However, she was grown up in Miami. Basically, she is into the career of acting and started her job at the age of 19 and now she is 23 years old and acted in so many adult-related contents.

Her Physical Appearance

Regarding her physique, she is gorgeous and has the potential to bold any man in front of her. If you check out her height, she is around 167 cm and her weight is approximately 77 kg. Her facial features are magnetic; where she can pull any of them with her fuller lips, hazel eyes and brown hair. She looks absolutely bossy and always offers a strong appearance as an actress for most of the time. This is why most of the men are interested about her.

Her Career

According to the sources, Valentina Jewels completed more than 200 web series of adult content. For information, she started her career in 2018 and went through various stages, nominated for multiple awards like AVN, XBIZ and more. Firstly, she entered in the entertainment industry and even starrer against various artists in her career. She is very much active in handling her Instagram account and also her own site called linktree. With regular activities, she always tries to engage her followers at regular intervals. If you want to stay in touch with her, you can also follow Twitter and other social media platforms too.

Net worth of Valentina

As per information, she is earning huge, but she is not sure about her net worth. However, most of them claim that she is the owner of $200k. With her career growth, she is about to witness an increase in her net worth too.

Relationship Status

Most of the time, she tries to keep her life private and doesn’t even involve in her boyfriends kind of rumors. As per sources, she hasn’t married anybody yet and is also not a part of any dating. Hopefully, she will have a good life as per her expectations in the future. Until then, we have to wait for the official information directly from her side for sure.


Usually, most of them will be interested in focusing on their hobbies. From common people to celebrities, they do have various hobbies to follow most of the time. If you check out Valentina, apart from being an adult actress, she is always interested in traveling most of the time. On the other hand, she owns a car and tries to roam all the time very privately. When you check out the social media platforms, she admits that she likes taking selfies by uploading her photos often. So, she seems to be unique compared to other adult actresses in the industry. 

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