What jobs can you get with a fashion marketing degree?

Fashion Marketing

A fashion marketing degree is not going to train you into marketing your products but will help you to find your own fashion signature that will prepare you for a range of exciting roles within the fashion industry. This degree is ideal for students who wish to join the fast-paced fashion world as a media practitioner, fashion communicator, fashion journalist, or fashion promoter.


This blog will take you through some of the jobs that you can get with a fashion marketing degree: 


  • Apparel brand Manager:The professionals in this job role are responsible for carrying- out a detailed analysis of advertisements and campaigns to monitor the brand quality. They develop strategies based on feedback from customers.


  • Fashion Consultant:The professionals in this job role advise customers to make big fashion decisions. They recommend colours, outfits, styles, palettes, and fabrics in coordinator with the latest trends and fashion protocols. They understand the client’s needs and try to personalise their suggestions through their customised aesthetic preferences. They design products while considering body type, occasion, and the price range for their customers.


  • Fashion journalist: People who love to write about new fashion trends and get the opportunity to give their insight into the exciting world of fashion are fashion journalist. They write for everything from online blogs, hard copy magazines, trade publications, e-commerce websites, and PR firms.


  • Fashion Product Manager:They employ trend analysis techniques for developing products and determining the factors to appeal to consumers.


  • Apparel manufacturer:Apparel manufacturers supervise the manufacturing plants and industries to maximise efficiency and production. They oversee multiple departments including the shipping of the final product, troubleshooting mechanical problems, smooth flow of the numerous production stages, and meet the shipment deadlines.


  • Fashion Marketing Manager:They are responsible for developing strategies to upsurge the interest of the consumers through advertisements and campaigns.


  • Art Directors: The art director focuses on specific elements to define a particular piece of art, photograph, or other design. They develop the overall look of an advertising campaign. Supervise the design staff to review artwork, designs, photography, and graphics developed by professionals. They coordinate with other creative departments to deliver detailed projects in time with the client’s approval.


  • Fashion Buyer:A fashion buyer focuses on the target audience and oversees the development of clothes considering the particular markets and price range. The responsibilities may differ in response to the size of the organisation. They typically work with the fashion designers, merchandising team, and department managers to decide on the right choices for the final products. They visualize the profits and device strategies for spending and gaining.


  • Fashion marketing director: They create advertising campaigns to manage fashion-related brands, businesses, and stores. They research and travel to new places looking for potential areas to launch new stores, supervise the team of marketing professionals and evaluate the products using their knowledge of the quality of garments and fashion trends.


  • Art Conservator:Art conservator’s device ways to revive the art, historical properties, artifacts, and objects of significance. They ensure that the conditions are appropriate to prevent deterioration and help in the timely restoration of deteriorated objects.


  • Public Relations (PR) Manager:A PR manager is responsible for building and maintaining relations with the media and consumers. They organise public relations events such as press releases and press conferences to update the industry about the growth of their firm, as well as to obtain feedback from the consumers.

The fashion industry is just not limited to designing clothes, it encompasses a wide range of other departments with great scope for graduated to get a hand on them. Check this BA fashion media and promotion to make the most out of the fashion industry. Designing is still considered one of the high profile roles in the fashion and luxury industry.



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