MacBook vs Windows: Which One Should You Choose 

MacBook vs Windows: Which One Should You Choose

The MacBook vs Windows debate has been very popular for a long time now. No matter how many arguments take place in this debate, what matters at the end is solely the personal choice of the person who will be using it and the needs. In this post, we are going to enlist some advantages of both MacBook and Windows so that you can make a comparative study between both and decide which one is going to be more useful for you. If you don’t want to invest much of your money, you can get a MacBook on rent for solving your purposes. Read this post till the end to know more about both the operating systems.

Advantages of MacBook

The major advantages offered by a MacBook are:

  • MacBook has been known for its high-quality design for a shorter period. This is only because of how their products are designed. Products of Apple are famous for their looks and that is the main reason why the customers are attracted to them. There are several apps and tools used for graphic design only in Mac. Maximum big software brands are also developed for Windows now, but the opinion that Mac is better doesn’t differ.
  • Since there is a lesser number of Apple products in comparison to Windows there are lesser viruses developed for OS X. Also, as because Apple has its control over the software on devices the amount of bloatware is lesser in new systems.
  • Apple is also famous because of the customer service it offers. It never gives up on the struggle to become better with every passing day. Since there are a lot of PC users now it is tough to make a straight comparison, but generally, Apple is doing a good job by creating a backup of their products.

Advantages of Windows

The advantages offered by Windows are:

  • The most important advantage of Windows is the cost. Since the number of PC makers now is high in the market it has become easy to search for a great range of devices at various prices. Just the PCs with extremely high power and high cost can get into a competition with the products of Apple.
  • Though Apple has been trying its best to maintain its reputation Windows have always proved that they have higher opportunities for the devices with a touch screen. In Windows 10 and Windows 8, the laptops have been made convertible in the form of tablets, desktops can make use of their touch screens like PCs.
  • The Windows PC has good software that is developed solely for them. While several significant software developing companies have been involved in the production of different versions of the program, many don’t.

Henceforth, we have mentioned above the most important advantages offered by MacBook and Windows. You can easily get options for  laptop rental in Chennai, Pune, Delhi and other placesKnowing the advantages of both the operating systems individually can help you in deciding the one you need and which can solve your purposes related to business, work, or education.

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