4 Roku Devices You Should Know About

Roku Devices

Roku gets many inquiries regarding their product since they are one of the most well-known streaming box brands available in the market. Roku sells numerous products at various price ranges, so it can prove to be difficult to know which one offers you the best features. Furthermore, not every Roku device is compatible with all types of TV sets.

Additionally, there are a few Roku devices that have limitations as well. So, if you want to know which Roku device you should get for your TV set, you better read further in our article. Here are some of the best Roku devices:

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is much cheaper compared to the other Roku devices on our list. You may be surprised at how much an $80 Roku device can offer you. It does not only support 4k HDR and HD, but it also has features of other Roku devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, Roku Premiere, and the Roku Express.

Since it is packed with a lot more features, it is only logical that it has a large size for a remote. It comes with voice search, the capability of controlling your TV with the remote, fast performance, and dual-band WiFi support. It also comes with an Ethernet port, which makes wired connections stable and reliable. It also has a headphone jack, enabling you to enjoy watching on your TV without having to wake anyone up.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers is the perfect Roku device if you are a real audiophile. These speakers flaunt a very classical design, making them perfect with all types of rooms when talking about aesthetics. They offer optimal stereo separation and cinematic sound. You can also anticipate that it will give you a clear and crisp dialogue when you are watching your beloved TV show or movie.

The biggest advantage of using the Roku TV Wireless Speakers is that they are wireless. They don’t require any HDMI port or any port in that matter to function. You just have to connect it via Bluetooth and pair it with your mobile device or any other device you have. Pairing your Roku Smart Soundbar with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers will surely give you the best audio experience at home.

Roku Smart Soundbar

It isn’t a regular soundbar. It can give you two capabilities with just one device. It enables you to upgrade your audio quality and lets you stream movies and TV series on your TV sets. It has the same functionalities as the Roku Ultra but at the same time intensifies your sound experience, which means you get fast performance, 4K support, remote finder, headphone jack, night listening mode, and an Ethernet port.

While it may give you many amazing features, it also has its share of faults. For one thing, it doesn’t come with a subwoofer, which only means that its bass is weak. That being said, you can still consider this a great bargain. For a low price of $150, it offers two functionalities simultaneously.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Many customers have regarded the Roku Streaming Stick Plus as one of the greatest and finest of all the Roku devices. It can support 4K HDR and HD TVs, making it compatible with your devices. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus can function much faster compared to the cheaper variations of the Roku devices.

It is worth noting that before you opt for the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, you have to make sure that your TV possesses an HDMI port. If not, you wouldn’t be able to use this device at all. Though, almost every TV being sold today already has HDMI ports.


Before you decide, you have to know which of these devices can fit your budget and whether they offer the features you are looking for. It is always better that you do some research before diving right into anything.

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