In bad weather good face, and just that is what we are going to achieve, are you up for the challenge? We are not used to quarantining situations, but you have to try to be positive, although sometimes it is not easy. We want to accompany you in these moments and encourage you to dedicate a moment to yourself every day and follow the RADIANT SKIN challenge.

1. Double daily cleaning

We have always told you that cleaning is essential, and now, even if we are at home, it should not be any different, since the lack of cleaning can cause problems in our skin, such as clogging of pores, the appearance of pimples and dull or dehydrated skin, among others.

By cleaning, we eliminate dead cells that come off at night after the natural regeneration of the skin, impurities, pollutants, makeup, excess oil, and ultimately all the environmental residues that accumulate on our skin, but these residues or environmental toxins are only outside, outside the home? The answer is no, not at all. Some studies show that the indoor air in our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than that of the street.


“Emanations from paints and varnishes, fire retardants, non-stick coatings, cleaning products, and air fresheners … combine with dust, fumes, tobacco …”

Also, in times of video calls, we will likely continue applying makeup or using a cream with a color that gives us that “good face” effect and it is important to remove it very well to guarantee a clean skin in depth and ready to receive the cosmetics that we apply to continuation.

That laziness does not take over you and take advantage that you are at home to keep your skin completely clean and free of impurities with a double cleaning day and night …

How? In the morning, the facial routine begins by cleaning your face with Blue Sapphire Complete. Its innovative anti-pollution formula defends the face by creating a protective shield that reinforces the skin barrier and the micelles act as magnets, trapping dead surface cells, contaminating particles, makeup, and excess sebum. The result, skin free of impurities, soft and protected.

At night, cleanse your face with the Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Rich Foaming Cream cleanser, a silky-textured cleanser with remarkable cleansing and softening properties. Conditions the skin, as it contains peptides from Silk Protein. These peptides are fixed on the keratin of the skin, providing it with protective, softening properties and favouring the retention of water in its superficial layers.

2. Purifies and oxygenates the skin intensely

Being so long at home in a closed environment, with the use of heating and low relative humidity can cause dehydration and oxygen deficiency in our skin, causing it to become dull, devitalized and even more sensitive; For this reason, OXYGENATING MASK is an essential step for radiant skin these days, since if, in addition to cleaning it well, you provide it with oxygen, the result is surprising. Your ideal ally is this mask based on pure active oxygen and purifying natural assets, and its active foam texture will make you fall in love.

How does it work? The fusion of pure oxygen and natural cleansing actives, not only cleanse in-depth but also purify, energize, and bring luminosity to the skin.

Thanks to the action of oxygen, the gel textured mask, when in contact with the skin, is transformed into a bubbly active foam that provides a micro-massage that revitalizes the face and helps to soften facial micro-tension, very typical of these days.

Our advice: apply it to the wet face and massage the skin with the fingertips until the active foam appears, when it begins to descend, reactivate it by massaging again with the fingers moistened with water. Finally, remove it by rinsing with plenty of water and finish with cotton discs for perfect removal of the product. Do we tell you a secret? You can also use it in the shower or during a real foam bath.

The result promises a flash effect. It will give you instantly luminous skin, deeply clean, oxygenated, and radiant.

When to apply it? Apply twice a week, preferably at night, after the usual daily cleanser. Thus you will also favor the action of your night cream and leave the skin fully prepared for the hours of sleep and night regeneration of the skin.

3. Goodbye blemishes, hello renewed skin

Peeling is one of the essentials in a good facial care routine, but for which we never have time, as this is a perfect time to also make a shocking plan. At this time our skin is not exposed to the sun so it is an ideal time to prepare it and to look radiant and renewed after quarantine.

“In addition to helping to cleanse the skin, not only in the most superficial layers but at the deepest level, peeling is a skin rejuvenation procedure that helps to remove damaged upper layers. The layers of skin revealed after performing a chemical peel are newer and therefore smoother and younger “.

We propose a 15-day shock plan with one of our star products: NATURAL PEELING TRI-ACTIVE. Its application every day will enhance cell renewal and the result will be a smooth skin and free of imperfections post quarantine with just a few minutes of daily use that we will gradually increase, between 3-5 minutes in the first application, up to 20 minutes in the last Applications. In this way, we gradually accustom the skin to the acids that make it up and avoid flaking or irritation in case of having sensitive skin. After these minutes, rinse with plenty of water, dry, and apply your usual serum or cream. Apply it after cleaning your skin with your usual cleanser, and even better if possible after applying OXIGENATING MASK (the skin is completely clean and purified). The most recommended time is at night, before going to sleep because this way we help the skin to renew itself perfectly.

How does it work? While a conventional exfoliant works on the outermost layer of the skin, removing impurities, this sublime chemical peel acts at deeper levels, smoothing the skin surface and visibly improving its appearance instantly, but also in the medium term, helping to enhance the process of natural regeneration of the skin. Its chemical action makes it act by exposure simply when it is in contact with the skin so that it is not necessary to rub, as well as being effective, respectful with the skin.

We owe all this to the prodigious combination of three alpha hydroxy acids: glycolic, lactic and salicylic; which produces a powerful exfoliating action at 3 different levels of depth:

We owe all this to the prodigious combination of three alpha hydroxy acids: glycolic, lactic and salicylic; which produces a powerful exfoliating action at 3 different levels of depth:

  • GLYCOLIC ACID acts at a deep level prevent the formation of black dots and smooth expression lines.
  • LACTIC ACID acts at an intermediate level, hydrating different layers of the skin, providing juicy, velvety, and smooth skin.
  • SALICYLIC ACID acts at a superficial level, smoothing pores, blemishes, and blemishes.

The result is smooth, renewed, and instantly hydrated skin and, ultimately, a younger face.

If you are one of those who take advantage of the slightest ray of sun to take it also from home, remember that it is essential to use SPF50 to protect the skin, especially while we are performing an exfoliating treatment on it.

4. Intense facial care with a sublime feeling of relaxation!

At this time we can not help worrying and stressing (even if unconsciously), stress is normal in times of uncertainty. However, excess stress can be reflected, not only in the health of our skin by lowering the skin defenses but in our entire organism, so it is essential to take time out of our day to day to dedicate a conscious moment of relaxation. If, also, we can do it while we take care of our skin, it is perfect.

Peel-off face mask: you have not tried anything like it. The Tresor Rare Algae Peel-off mask provides advanced beauty care, as well as providing an intense and relaxing feeling of well-being.

  • PEEL-OFF TECHNOLOGY: it adapts to the face perfectly, reaching where others do not reach (eyes and lips) and is removed in one piece.
  • You DO NOT need to rinse the skin with water after removal. You do not apply lime or other harmful agents that water can carry to your skin and you take full advantage of all the benefits of both the cream applied before and the benefits of the mask.
  • Its occlusive technology helps to penetrate deeper the assets of your cream, as well as the assets of the mask, different in each one of them.
  • LIFTING AND ANTI-AGING EFFECT: lower the temperature of the facial skin to 6 ° C, providing a draining effect in bags and dark circles and giving the skin a firming, soothing and toning effect, as well as instantly blurring wrinkles.
  • DEEP HYDRATION. Thanks to the SEAWEED EXTRACT that gives them great hydrating power, giving the skin an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

When to apply it? It would be wonderful to be able to apply a mask every day, but that depends on the time you have. We recommend that you apply at least one or two masks per week so that you can notice the difference in your skin. Although its effect is immediate and it is the best flash solution, its assets also work in the long term.

Try them all, there are 8 different options to choose from, and join the Tresor Rare Masks addicts club because they are going to become a must-have in your facial routine.

Perhaps at first, it will cost you a bit to apply it, but once you take the point you will enjoy an incomparable cosmetic experience.

  1. Facial massage routine. There is nothing better to enhance the effects of your daily care routine than facial yoga!

These days we have seen countless people exercising from home to get fit, working all the muscles of the body, but what about the muscles of the face? Did you know that toning facial muscles has multiple benefits?

The facial ‘gym’ reduces expression lines, promotes firmness, and activates circulation, achieving a relaxed face instantly.

There are several techniques, all with a common denominator: exercising the different muscles that we have in the face and neck to prevent the skin that covers them from falling off.

We take the opportunity to take maximum care of our skin. Take note, we tell you 6 facial massage maneuvers to naturally prevent ageing:

  1. Neck and upper back stretch by crossing your fingers behind your head and leaning forward. It serves to relieve tension and correct the posture of the shoulders since stiff muscles also influence a worse placement of the neck and chin with the consequent appearance of the double chin or double chin as a consequence.
  2. Lifting-type exercise, pulling the palms of the hands outwards and bringing the lips forward. It serves to strengthen the orbicularis muscles, buccinator and lip lift, tightening and smoothing the skin.
  3. Thumbs under the chin and fingers pull the cheeks out. It serves to activate the pressure point under the chin in the center and elevate cheeks improving the appearance of the area of ​​the rictus or nasolabial sulcus.
  4. Keeping the hand closed around the lips, we try to blow by opposing the force of the hand. It serves to improve the muscle tone of the lower half of the face, and activate blood circulation favouring oxygenation and nutrition of the tissues.
  5. Index fingers and thumb pinch the eyebrows pulling them out as we try to frown. It serves to improve the wrinkle area between the eyebrows, resulting in a much sweeter, younger, and more relaxed look.

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