7 Reasons to Go for Therapy to Improve Your Mental Health   

The conversation about mental health in this country certainly took off when celebrities like Deepika Padukone opened up about their mental health struggles.

‘Dear Zindagi’, starring Alia Bhatt, emphasised society’s need for therapy among the younger generation – even for those who are not clinically depressed. And on this note, let us begin discussing why it is necessary to go for conventional or online therapy even if you aren’t a sufferer.

Especially given the current situation, with the pandemic raging on, the physical and mental health debate is slated to continue well into the next decade. The rise of therapy sessions conducted online is also expected to see a prominent spike because of its sheer convenience.

Let’s delve right into the ways therapy can have a positive impact on one’s mental health.

     1. Suffering from unexpected mood swings

One of the early symptoms of a mental health problem is experiencing mood swings. If you feel sad for no reason at all or are sitting in a heap, unable to come up with the energy to get to work, you need to talk to someone. Online therapy might help during this time of the ongoing pandemic. Therapists can help you gauge the root of the problem and teach you coping skills to beat the onset of the blues.

     2. Your life is undergoing major changes

Change can be overwhelming.

When people undergo a transition in life, such as a joining new job, welcoming a baby, or buying a new house, they often feel stressed out and cannot express themselves to others.

These activities can put people under duress, and opting for online therapy, can be the best way to alleviate it. Consulting a counsellor or a therapist can significantly soothe the nerves and help you to welcome transition with a positive attitude.

     3. Through therapy, you can learn coping skills

When faced with challenges in life, individuals can sometimes blank out on how to cope with the situation. Some may even resort to overeating, drinking or smoking, and worse still, turn to drugs to cope with the loss or pain.

Under such circumstances, you can opt for online therapy as a convenient option for regular treatment. The counsellor will help you figure out how you can cope with life’s challenges and overcome the difficulties that arise in the journey!

    4. You are having thoughts of self-harm

When you feel suicidal or want to hurt yourself and draw blood just so you can “feel” something, it is without a doubt the right time to engage in therapy.

Suicide rates rose during Covid-19, with predictions that they would increase by as much as 145%. Given such grave numbers, it is advised that you recommend online therapy if you know someone who needs helps, or opt for it if you are in need of treatment yourself.

Check out psychologists offering online cng during Covid-19 to set an appointment without delay.

    5. You are distancing yourself from things that used to bring you joy

One of the early indicators of mental health problem is when you withdraw from activities that used to bring you joy. It could be meeting people, going out, enjoying hobbies and activities. If you are suddenly not interested in any of these, you should book yourself an online therapy session.

The counsellor can help you get to the bottom of the issue even when you do not know what is troubling you.


    6. You have strained relationships

Unhealthy relationships that are not validating, supportive and warm enough can be a cause of considerable stress in life. If you feel like your relationships are not nurturing, you can consider seeking the aid of a therapist and work towards navigating the stormy waters of bitterness, resentment and misunderstandings. In case you are unable to set up a regular session, try online therapy.

    7. You feel the need to talk to someone

If you feel the need to talk your heart out, and friends, family, neighbours are just not the ones you want to confide in, a therapist can help to fill in the void.

Even if you are not feeling sad or stressed out, but just want to talk about the most random things in life, engage in online therapy. The sessions will help you gain valuable insights into life and give you a space to express yourself without reservations.

Never feel ashamed to participate in psychological therapies. While there might still be some stigma surrounding mental illness and therapy, people are beginning to open up about the state of their mind to professionals. And in a couple of years, it might also get normalised.

Until then, get the best online therapy you can afford and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and peaceful mind!






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