Everything You Need To Know About Dedicated Server


Dedicated servers have a number of notable benefits. We discussed these with Australian dedicated server company

Key Factors to Consider

Operating System Choice:

one of the most essential factors in choosing a dedicated hosting solution is find in one that allows for the freedom to select a specific operating system that will work in conjunction with your business. The applications operating within your business must be specifically defined for a general operating system such as Linux distributions or a Windows Server OS. Throughout specific business conditions, the operating software has to be compatible through the existing version of the operating system. One must take care that the service provider has allowed for the dedicated server to operate directly on the OS as per the needs of the business.

Server Configuration System

while the choice of the operating system is a critical one, there are other essential aspects of control in the system through the server that are equally important as a. Typically, one would one access to resource usage prediction which is going to ensure that any particular needs that arise or configurations are met in due time. This is a particular requirement of having established SSH / RDP access through a root access level in order to access the server configuration system.

Hardware Choice

Due to the fact that a dedicated server is rather expensive, it is essential that you choose a hosting provider that is going to offer a wide variety of options to select the proper hardware for your business. Through this process you can ask for the most essential hardware to be installed in a specific way that it incorporates the ability to enhance various capabilities without the need to pay extra for the end-users of your specific services. When a business has a wide variety of hardware choices there are able to capitalise on an incredible growth opportunity. The wide range of available options for CPU and business models have a unique selection of cores in order to meet the specific speed of business operations. In addition, the specific size of RAM in addition to the specific type such as DDR3 or DDR4 are going to be a major factor in the determination of hardware selection in hopes of correctly managing bandwidth.


Control Panel Options

For the use of available control panels one can easily manage the server functions for a number of business applications with the systems running effectively. Whereas stock control panel have the ability to operate through a wide number of systems in order to manage business needs, along with the added benefit of cPanel & WHM operating across Linux servers. The space pays control software has a number of features that are available for both Linux servers and Windows that allow for the growth and expansion of your business. It is rather easy to navigate through this wide range of control tools that offer built-in management functions throughout the different cPanel and Plesk modules that will allow for more efficient business operations.

Stable Security Features

When the server systems throughout the IT operations get taken off-line, your business is in a truly vulnerable state. Even the smallest data breach which can lead to financial and sensitive data being lost can lead to consumer legal actions as well as the loss of your businesses reputation. An estimated 60% of all organisations that have been hacked are usually out of business within six months when their security is called into question. When considering security features, it is absolutely essential to take care in choosing a dedicated hosting provider. One must consider the factors of physical security as well is the location of the data centre to rate the security features of the dedicated hosting provider.

Additionally, it is important to take care in noting the intrusion management, website and application security features as well as all firewalls that are in place. Thankfully, Intergrid offers the best in services for managing business IP addresses, spam filtering techniques and the management of SSL certificates.

Server Management

Server management can be rather easy with a compatible dedicated hosting provider. No longer will you need to worry would the Monday activities of application installation, operating system updates and the consistent need to monitor server function. Instead, you are able to handle your business like a true professional and leave the Monday and daily activities of a dedicated hosting provider to the true professionals at Intergrid.

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