Factors for Good Relationships

Even the healthiest relationships are not all positive, but there are some factors that can play a role in whether a relationship will be healthy or not. Sometimes we are attracted to people that are not good for us or find ourselves in a toxic relationship. However, if we know to look for these important factors in a relationship, then we may be more likely to avoid unhealthy ones.

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Now, let’s look at some of the important factors for a healthy relationship.


We all know that trust is important for a successful relationship. Dishonesty feeds distrust and distrust fuels paranoia. Partners have to trust each other in numerous ways. You have to trust that your partner wants the best for you, that they will not cheat, and that they are committed to making the relationship work. It is difficult to improve a relationship if there is distrust.

You can build trust by improving communication skills. Never assume that you partner knows how you feel. Instead, show them and tell them how much you appreciate them. Also, if you do something that your partner would not approve of, it can be mature and beneficial to speak up about it. Tell them that you were wrong and the reasons that you did it in the first place.


Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. Expressing your gratitude for the other person can be great for boosting mood and building upon an already healthy relationship. Even just saying thank you for the little things can go a long way towards inspiring and fostering positive appreciation for one another.

Try to start with little things. Tell your partner that you appreciate them making dinner or letting you sleep in. Then, you can grow to larger ways to express your appreciation.


A lot of relationships are missing this element of healthy, lasting partnership. Sex-life is crucial and even though the frequency of lovemaking often decreases over time, it is still possible to keep the sexual interactions passionate and fun.

Sex is not only about pleasure, but also about bonding, expression, and emotional connection. If you feel like your sex-life is suffering, try communicating with your partner about your needs and encourage them to share with you.


Healthy relationships involve give and take. It is good to show your partner that you care about their happiness as much as you care about your own. This does not mean that you have to give up your needs or desires, but just that you should be selfless.

You can strive to do something each and every day to help your partner have a better day or life. Check in with them and ask if they need anything. Offer a lending hand whenever possible and give your time to be with them.

Being Yourself

Sometimes we do not act like ourselves at the beginning of a relationship. However, it is not good to keep this charade going forward. A healthy relationship allows both partners to be themselves around each other. This is the only way that you will be able to see if you are truly compatible.

If your partner does not want to be with the real you, then it is not worth continuing the relationship. Plus, you will never be satisfied in the relationship if you are hiding behind a personality that is not your own.


Communication is important for a relationship’s success or failure. We need to communicate our needs and desires to the people that we care about. We should also try to allow ourselves to be accessible so that our partner feels like they can always talk to you.

In addition, try to respond to your partner and show them complete attention. If you are unable to get away from a current task, let them know that you care and that you will make time later to talk to them. Always strive for open communication and work towards active listening without harsh judgement.


Unhealthy relationships can negatively impact your well-being and mental health. When we fall in love, it is important to make the effort towards building and growing that connection to create a relationship that is positive and realistic. Healthy relationships take work and commitment, but they can be wholly fulfilling and meaningful. If you notice negative aspects about your relationship, work to change them if you want the partnership to last.

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