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How to get things done working from home?

For some working from home is a challenge. For others like me, it’s a dream come true.

Regardless, working from home need not become a nightmare. And here are tips to achieve that.

How your day goes?

When you wake up, you immediately make your bed. You don’t dress up and spend an hour in commute listening to a podcast. Instead you power on your laptop, brew a cup of coffee and start working.

However sometimes working from a distance doesn’t really give you the best levels of productivity.

Remote team options give you as a company the best space to work and sometimes the highest levels of productivity. However, remote work doesn’t mean that every worker is going to feel right at home.

With remote working the immediate advantage is that the team is now more independent.

Yes, it needs a team lead but working from home comes with a feeling of redemption as well. Focus, discipline and sticking to deadlines are tenets of this arrangement.

As a remote team everyone needs to be able to keep in touch with everyone else. There needs to be a certain coming out of the comfort zone thing. It’s a gigantic transition that’s neither easy nor smooth. You should be clear regarding your roles.

As a remote team member you shouldn’t be running late on projects or dilly dallying them for later. Instead, try and get the work done quickly.

Lose distractions. What communication channels to use? You could use Slack, emails and other channels to get the most out of remote work.

Time is of the greatest essence here.

Communication is key

The truth with remote working is: it’s easy to be misled. It’s easy to accrue communication errors. When the home becomes a meeting and workplace there’s no simple way to go about this.

You need to conduct meetings, rely on tools and keep communication channels open when working from home.

The marketing team needs to communicate both in and out and proficient at using several tools.

With this you will retain more employees and their satisfication with the atmosphere goes up.

Sell the benefits

Employees want to being listened to, employees want time off and they want the freedom to work from anywhere they want.

May be working from home is the best gift you can give your employees.

The money saved in office space can be spent for outings or for employee education.

A job needs to be rewarding and remote work can tie in so many benefits.


One big caveat when doing this is you lose out on the co-space shared with other co-workers. That means losing touch. No office parties or anything.

Don’t start stressing yet. The office members can still plan get togethers.

Casual conversations, the office water cooler conversations and everything else that makes office life fun are going out of the window. The remote meetings aren’t as natural as talking to someone face to face.

SO you need to adjust.


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