Want to get a Newcomer Mortgage in Richmond Hill? Know All About It!

In this busy world of today, one may have to move from one place to another for their work or other priorities, getting to see different societies in the same country or even the different cultures across nations. Either way, the most peaceful experience after a long tiring day is to come back to your home and enjoy some time in your nook, be it with friends, family or other roommates. Either way, a safe home is always what everyone dreams of. The need of brokers and specialist for the need of newcomers mortgage in Richmond Hill.

Newcomer Mortgage in Richmond Hill

So, you are new to Canada, but are not sure how to manage buying a new home in the foreign country. You are not alone mate; there are a lot of people who find themselves in this puddle. Thanks to the growing opportunities of mortgages in the country that today, anyone and everyone can afford a house in Canada.

Before we move discussing how to get a mortgage in Richmond Hill, let’s check out the criteria.

If you have been turned down by the bank because of the eligibility criteria of applying for a mortgage as a newcomer in Canada, there are mortgage default insurance agents who can approve your application. Moreover, at minimum interest rates!

As per the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s ‘New to Canada Programs’, if you have lived in Canada for less than 5 years and have a landed immigration status or work visa, credit history and secure employment in Canada, you are in the criteria to apply for a newcomers mortgage program.

All you need is a minimum down payment available to buy a home – 5% of the buying rate. The maximum tenure for your mortgage amortization is 25 years.

Documents you need to get a mortgage in Canada

When you plan to get a newcomer mortgage in Richmond Hill, Canada, you will be asked to present certain documents, such as:

  • An employment confirmation letter from your current employer, ensuring you have a secured job in the country.
  • A recent pay stubs.
  • Documents verifying your monthly payments for a year. It is a proof that you make all your monthly payments (like rent, utilities, etc.) on time. Not all mortgage providers ask for this document, but it is always good to be prepared with all the needful.
  •  Documents verifying 12 months of demonstrable bank statements. You must have a bank account at a recognizable financial institution in your origin country.

Permanent resident status and applying for mortgage as a newcomer

Anyone who is new in Canada and wants to settle down in the country looks forward to becoming a permanent resident. For this, you need to first get a Canadian citizenship. Considering the immigration policy of the Canadian Government, you must have been spent two years living in Canada within the last 5 years to be eligible for getting the permanent resident status.

In case you are not a permanent resident while applying for the mortgage application, and you have been living in Canada for almost 5 years, you can still apply for permanent resident status under the several programs available for newcomers in the country. There are several mortgage dealers who can also help you in getting the resident status.

Another important thing to keep in mind when planning to apply for the newcomers mortgage in Richmond Hill, Canada is that you must have a good credit score. Your credit history is very crucial in the process and you need to take steps to build it well.

Ways to improve your credit

Loans: Getting a loan like a student or car loan, can help you develop a strong credit score and a powerful financial profile.

Major credit cards: You can apply for a credit card or have a pre-paid one as it helps you build credit faster. You can have a good credit history within a time of 18 to 24 months. All you need is to ensure all your payments are done on time and you stay below your credit limit.

Bill Payments: You should pay your utilities, rent and mobile bills; add evidence of lower risk (for the lender) to your credit score. Your mortgage may ask you for proof of utilities or rent payments when there’s no evidence of credit through loans or credit cards. So, now you know why it is essential to pay your rent and utilities on time.

Detailing of Newcomer Mortgage in Richmond Hill

As a newcomer in a new municipality, a person can face a lot of troubles while choosing a property. Even if a property is chosen, the procedure of buying the home and transaction process involved, including filing for a mortgage loan etc., is very tedious. Additionally, considering the person is a newcomer in a location, in a place like Richmond Hill, he or she can easily get overwhelmed by the procedures and rates because of the high demand, and therefore, there’s a rush for purchasing a property in such a municipality.

Now, while there is a rush, there is also a lot of options for a Newcomer mortgage in Richmond Hill. A lot of mortgage companies have established themselves in these municipalities because of the rush of real estate investment and can aid any new person in procuring a mortgage for a newcomer in Richmond Hill.

Choosing a Mortgage Company in Richmond Hill

Considering the rush of real estate investments in a municipality like Richmond Hill, numerous mortgage companies have opened doors to aid mortgage seekers in their purchase. Property costs are quite high in Richmond Hill, and most people need or want to get a mortgage loan to buy the property initially. However, while banks are also available to get some loans, they usually require the candidate seeking the loan to fit certain criteria and have more formalities to go through which often includes checking into past criminal records and biometrics.

Also, if a candidate does not fit any of the numerous criteria, the bank may immediately dismiss such a candidate from the possibility of getting a loan from the bank. On the other hand, mortgage companies usually market their services and hence many formalities are usually pushed out of the way. Also, mortgage companies occupy a place somewhere between a mortgage broker and a bank and hence, while they remove the existence of a dealer like a mortgage broker, they sell their aid towards the customer and give more importance to their customer than a bank usually does.

As a result, they also tend to have more methods or tie-ups with mortgage providers and hence aid their customers to get loans much easier than a bank. They are usually reliable and established organizations.

Properties in Richmond Hill

 While properties are widely available across the country, different places have different rates of buying homes based on the city or location and the amenities of the property.

Richmond Hill is situated in the province of Ontario and constitutes a section of the Greater Toronto Region. Statistically, it is found to be one of the most populous locations in Canada itself, and has a great demand among people who find it to be an energetic metropolis to live. The average demand of the place is pretty high, which also justifies the rates of property available for sale in this part of Canada.

Average Property Rates in Richmond Hill

Considering the demand of property in Richmond Hill area, property prices are quite expensive and ranges from about $470,000 to $2,300,000 approximately depending on the kind of property, like a house, townhouse or condominium, and the number of bedrooms and plot area.

The most recent average rate of a three-bedroom house (separate) is about $1,000,000 approximately (according to data taken 3 months ago) whereas a two-bedroom condominium could cost an about $600,000 approximately.  The average price of a townhouse with three bedrooms would cost about $860,000 approximately.

All the above data are approximate values of properties in Richmond Hill in Canada and are subject to change with fluctuations in property rates, demand and time.

Would you be able to get a house of your dreams in this high price? You have the opportunity of getting a mortgage program approved!

In a Nutshell

We hope you are now clear with all your doubts and questions regarding finding a newcomer mortgage in Richmond Hill for your new home. You need to fit in the criteria, become a citizen of Canada to get permanent resident status, have a strong credit history and all the required documents to get approval for your mortgage application.

Make sure you make all your payments like rents, utilities and mobile payments on time to have a strong credit score. This will help you have a smooth process of getting a mortgage as a new citizen of Canada. Richmond Hill has got a lot of affordable properties and getting a mortgage makes it all the more helpful to get a house ownership.

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