Washington Adventures

Washington Adventures

With its incomparably stunning landscapes, emerald green forests, and beautiful beaches, there is no denying that Washington is the best place to take an adventure. There are so many activities that one can do in Washington especially during the summer months. Look at some adventures to explore here that are perfect for people of all ages. 

Where to Find Gems in Washington State

Washington is renowned for its unique variety of gems and crystals like Jade, Quartz, Agates and more. Rockhounding in Washington is a common outdoor activity during spring and summer months. There are several locations in Washington state that collectors can find rare gems and minerals.

  • Jade

Jade is a rare gemstone in the United States, and it can be found a few states like Washington. This rare gemstone is found in several locations in the state of Washington including the Whidby Island, which is located near the Oak Harbour, in riverbanks near Wenatchee, and Deer Creek near Oso. Basically, it is common to find Jade along creeks and rivers. 

Although this gem has a basic green colour, it is also available in other colours like black, orange, white and grey. In Washington, Jade is available in two forms: nephrite and jadeite.

  • Quartz

Quartz is the other gem that can be collected in Washington state. If you are a Quartz collector, you could find this gem in areas like the Quartz Creek in King County and Cedar Ponds in Snohomish County. If you are not afraid of putting in some work, you can find Quartz in Okanogan County as well.

  • Agates

Washington has abundant Agates that are mostly found in the volcanos and in creek beds. You can find a plethora of this gem at the bars along the Columbia River, beaches along Olympic Peninsula and the Damon point.

Summer in Washington State

The state of Washington is a perfect getaway destination especially during the summer months. Summer in Washington begins from the month of June going up to August. These months experience an annual average temperature 32 to 68 degrees Celsius and lower precipitation of 1.2” (33mm) per month. This therefore means that the weather is warm and sunny, and rains are not expected.

Summer months are perfect for exploring the beautiful sights and scenery of Washington. There are numerous activities that once can do including exploring the Mount Rainer, hike at Vance Creek Ridge, take a ferry ride to Vashon Island, whale watching, visit the Wild Waves water park and many more.

Both residents and tourist can venture tour the Washington state to see what it has to offer. Tourists that need to pass through the borders of Washington for 90 days will need an ESTA, that allows them to entry to the US without a visa.

This automated system determines the suitability of travellers to travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). It is there advisable to apply for ESTA prior to making your travel plans. The process for applying for the ESTA is simple. You simply need to fill in the ESTA form, confirm data, make payment and then you will receive the ESTA authorization via email. You can also contact the officials to know if there are any unsafe areas in washington.

Fun Things to do in the Ocean Shores

Apart from relaxing, there are still a lot of fun activities that one can do on the Ocean Shores. If you are planning a trip to Washington DC, here are ways to make the most of your trip on the Ocean Shores.

  • Tour Walk on North Jetty

Other than just lying at the shores, how about you take a walk on the rocky North Jetty. This is an excellent way to explore the tide pools and enjoy the scenery of waters crashing over the rocks. You can even take beautiful pictures. 

  • Rent Mopeds at Apollo Mopeds

Are you a fan of driving mopeds? Well, head out to the Apollo Mopeds and rent mopeds. You can take them for a spin on the beaches or around town. The best part is that the mopeds come with full tank of gas and you will be provided with riding helmet.

  • Boogie Boarding in Pacific Ocean

This is another fun activity that will help you make the most of your visit to the ocean shores. This water sport activity is a memorable activity to keep you and your family or friends happy.

  • Visit Griffiths-Priday State Park

Walkers can take advantage of time on the shores to take a walk in the Priday State Park. Located in Southwest Washington, this park has a stunning picnic area and a trail for hikers. Still, you can participate in other activities like wildlife viewing, mountain biking, fishing, beachcombing, and clam digging.

Things to Do in Washington at Night

Washington has an active night life, and there are plenty of things for people of all ages to do. They include:

  • Visit the Memorials

This is a good place to visit at night with kids. It offers the chance to see the iconic buildings like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the U.S Capital Building and even the White House.

  • Take a Segway Night Tour

Segway tours are a unique opportunity to explore the streets of Washington. The tours also allow you to explore different and iconic buildings like the White House.

  • Visit a Nightclub

With a lively nightlife scene, you can find a variety of clubs in Washington to dance the night away. You can as well head out of town and visit neighbourhoods like Georgetown that are known to have a lively nightlife.

  • Watch a Game

If you are a sports fanatic, head out to a sports arena at night. This way, you can watch different teams like NHL Capitals, NBA Wizards and others play.


There is so much to do in Washington, and you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself in this beautiful state. So, whether you are a local or a tourist, make Washington your getaway destination for a one of a kind vacation.

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