Watch list for your Valentine’s Day 2021

Watch list for your Valentine’s Day 2021

Make the most of 2021 valentine’s day staying at home by preparing some delicious food for your special someone, and of course streaming some of the best, most romantic movies out there!

What to Stream on Valentine’s Day?

While it might be too early to make predictions about the next year, we can easily guess that Valentine’s Day 2021 will be a low-key affair, spent at home.

However, you can easily make the most of that day by preparing some delicious food for your special someone, and of course streaming some of the best, most romantic movies out there!

After all, nothing spells romantic like spending a cosy day indoors, sipping a glass of wine and watching on-screen couples profess their heartfelt love for each other!

So, while the task to get food and wine rests with you, here’s a list of valentine’s day movies to get the plan going –  

  1. Leap Year

On the top of our list for valentine’s day movies is this classic about the feisty Anna, looking to propose to her doctor fiancée on Leap Day. Anna moves Heaven and Earth to get to her boyfriend in Dublin, and on the way enlists Declan, “a backwards Irish bumpkin” to help her. Adventures beset them on the journey, and the two get closer, leading to a climax that will reassure you that true love exists.

  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Whether you prefer Bollywood musicals or not, everyone needs to watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge at least once in their life. It has all the typical elements of a great movie to watch on valentine’s day.

Two young people fall in love, but they can’t be together. In the end, however, their love overcomes all. This movie launched Shah Rukh Khan’s career as a romantic hero every girl wanted to take home to mama.

  1. When Harry Met Sally

An American classic that takes a look at whether a man and a woman can be friends or not, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is one of the valentine’s day movies that has stood the test of time.

There is one particular scene that makes the movie a classic!

Sally fakes an orgasm in a diner, and the whole world watched to know if it was true that women sometimes fake it during sex! Whoops!

  1. Jab We Met

A career-defining movie for the two lead actors, Jab We Met, follows the trope of finding love when taking a trip together.

Staid and quiet Aditya meets bubbly and spontaneous Geet, and the clash in their personalities create all the sparks to ignite a friendship that endures. But tragedy strikes Geet and Aditya goes to investigate.

The rest needs to be watched to appreciate this selection for valentine’s day movies. Don’t worry, like all great romantic movies, this one too has a happy ending!

  1. Notting Hill

In this movie, English heartthrob Hugh Grant plays a bookshop owner who meets a famous Hollywood actress played by Julia Roberts. Sparks fly, and the two tenderly and sweetly discover what it means to fall in love with someone who is from another world.

But the course of love isn’t smooth, as the two lovers soon discover. We won’t reveal the end except to say that love wins, and this is a valentines day movies worth cuddling up for.

  1. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler works as a marine vet who meets art teacher Lucy. The problem in their budding relationship is that Lucy suffers from anterograde amnesia. She forgets Sandler the very next day.

What ensues is a real, hilarious and tender take on love that is bound to wet your eyes and strengthen your bond with your better half.

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Troubled and angst-ridden, Holly Golightly captures the imagination of lonely writer George Peppard. While George wants to marry her, Holly doesn’t believe in love since she thinks a relationship to be a cage.

But the power of love gives Holly a second chance. At times heartbreaking and at other times really warm, this is a valentine’s day movies you won’t want to miss!

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You

A modern-day take on Shakespeare’s play Taming of the Shrew, there’s a ploy formed to make Kat and bad boy Patrick fall in love so that Cameron can date Kat’s sister Bianca.


Don’t be, because this is a valentine’s day film that tugs on the heartstrings. It also takes on everyone’s favourite trope of ‘sworn enemies to lovers’.

  1. Tangled

A sweet story of finding love and family is this story about Rapunzel, who has never seen the outside world. She meets lovable robber Flynn Rider, and together they go on an incredible adventure that ends in them finding love.

Valentine’s day movies don’t come so sweet and simple! 

  1. The Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in this off-beat film about love that doesn’t go according to “plan”.

Defying all odds and destiny, the two launch into a game with fate just so that they can be together. Watch if you have defied fate to find the love of your life. This valentine movie is a treat for science-fiction lovers.

If Covid-19 does play spoilsport, expect to enjoy a date night at home with many such schmaltzy movies to set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s!

Valentine’s day movies warm the cockles of your heart, and it’s great fun to snuggle up with your beloved and watch other lovers find their true love.

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