A Dime For Time: 4 Top Luxury Watches For Ladies

A Dime For Time: 4 Top Luxury Watches For Ladies

Wristwatches have been the most worn accessory since its creation. There are numerous watches available right now, but the most appealing of them are luxury watches. But mind you, they don’t come cheap. Though there are some affordable ones, most of them are high-priced.

Even though a luxury watch and casual watches have the same goal, that is to tell the time. But it helps boost confidence if the timepiece that you are wearing is luxurious and elegant. Here are the top 4 ladies luxury watches you can see on the market and their specifications.

Santos de Cartier White Dial Watch

The Cartier Santos de Cartier white dial watch is a luxury price that is not that expensive. It is a bit of a budget-friendly wristwatch, but you will still need a big chunk of money with this since it costs more or less $7000. That’s a reasonable price for a luxury watch! The best part of this is that it has a perfect design and specs.

This is a classic watch from Cartier. It has a unique shape with Arabic numerals on a stylish dial that gives this a very classic look. It also has a comfortable pink calfskin leather strap that stands out from the rest. It also has a water resistance feature of up to 100 meters.

Dolce & Gabbana Sofia Pink Gold

Another luxury watch to look out for is the Dolce & Gabbana Sofia Pink Gold. This wristwatch has a minimalist beauty with a geometric shape and appearance that gives out how elegant, stylish, and modern it looks. This is not a very cheap wristwatch, but it still has a budget-friendly price.

This Sofia is finished with an 18 karat pink gold clasp and has a strap made from 100% pure silk satin. This also has pink gold-plated hands and a logo and is covered with a sapphire glass crystal. This timepiece has a graceful and feminine appearance that will catch the eye of anyone.

Blancpain Women Jour Nuit

The Women Jour Nuit (night and day) is Blancpain’s most extraordinary design ever. This watch has a large width, but surprisingly, the base is thin. But the thing that they focused on this watch is its face and not its size. It has two exclusive movements that are displayed on the front of the eye.

It has a night and day disc feature that turns twice a day, which resembles the sky changing. This means, even if you are stuck in a room for a long time, you would know if it is currently night or day. The most fantastic thing that this watch offers is that it has a total of 140 diamonds and sapphires embedded in it.

Piaget Polo Fortyfive Lady Watch

Piaget is well known for manufacturing and creating the slimmest wristwatches on the market right now. They also feature the best precision movements for a timepiece, and with the help of many unusual semi-precious stones, all their designs and watches are an eye-catcher.

Since it was introduced more than 35 years ago, the Polo line of wristwatches has been known for its advanced and futuristic style. The quartz Polo Forty-five is an enormous and graceful size. This also has a large number, which significantly contributes to its unique sense of sporty design. There are also multiple designs. Make sure to check them.


Nowadays, wrist watches affect a person’s aura and class. It is an essential accessory for men and women to boost their confidence and ego. You know that there are plenty of beautiful timepieces available in the market today. But these are some of the best ones for you to check.

Whenever you plan on having a grand and lavish occasion or even a party, make sure to skim through this article and look at some of these wristwatches and complete your luxurious attire for the night.

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