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Best Funny Images And Videos Idea For Social Media

Your audience expects quality content, but it becomes hard to regularly keep coming with fresh and engaging content. This makes it tough to manage the social media campaign of a company.

This article will provide a big list of wonderful ideas for your social media website to help engage your fans throughout the year. From creating compelling videos to funny images and emojis, all these ideas will provide appealing and diverse content, irrespective of the type of business you run.

Hold A Contest

Contests are a great method to engage followers and fans while enhancing exposure and audience base. It could be in the form of a questionnaire wherein you give away free goodies to your audience.

Use The “Tagging A Friend” Technique

People who use social media are fond of tagging their loved ones on their posts. It brings enjoyment and fun to them. This can be a good idea for social media posts. It can provide easy and quick exposure. Start by posting funny images and relatable content on the website. Now invite users to tag all their friends who would either relate or enjoy this content.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos From Your Brand

The audience loves funny videos, especially when it is linked to the brand they love. Behind the scene, pictures and videos of your employees who work hard to deliver quality services and products will help develop stronger relations with leads and customers. It will show your company’s advancement, highlight the recent milestone of the company, and give a glimpse of the workspace.

Create a Poll for your audience

An audience poll #pr0gramis a quick way to get your audience engaged. You can post images or videos and ask for your audience’s opinion about them. You will notice that you will start to receive a response from your audience in just a few seconds.

More than just a means of enjoyment and engagement, it can also be a good strategy to learn about the audience’s preferences. The valuable insight you get from a poll will help you adjust the strategy to enhance their online experience.

Use The “Reactions” Feature

Social media websites such as Facebook provides several fun features to make it an entertaining experience for users. One of them is the “reactions” button. This feature lets users respond to FB posts with the help of one of five varying reaction emojis as love,” “laugh,” “amazement,” “sadness,” and “anger.”

Post some funny videos or photos on your page and see how users react to the content. This strategy not just engages followers but also helps identify their interest in a specific topic.

Create A “How-To Video.”

This is another excellent method to keep your website rolling. Videos have a special impact on people. It drives people more than text. A “how-to video” is not just engaging but also eye-catching. It provides helpful guidance to users in a visual manner. One of the examples is to provide step by step instructions for preparing delicious homemade sweets.

Post Testimonials InVideo Format

Testimonials are one of the powerful ways to establish credibility in the digital space. It advocates your brand and tells me how happy and satisfied your customers are. Post video testimonials of your customer that shows that your customers have found success using your services or products.

It has to be short and concise. You can even add a “live element” wherein you interview your customers about their experience with your brand’s products and services. This information is a good marketing technique that may compel new customers to buy into your services.


Whenever you find it difficult to come up with fresh and creative social media marketing ideas, refer to this list or just visit PutPut. It will help to develop a strategy that will not just boost sales but also increase user engagement.





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