Garena Delays Free Fire India Launch for Several Weeks

Free Fire India

1. Garena Delays Free Fire India Launch

Garena, the gaming company, has decided to postpone the release of Free Fire India. This means that the highly anticipated launch of the Free Fire game in India will not happen as originally planned.

2. Garena’s Announcement of Free Fire India Delay

Garena, the gaming division of Singapore’s tech powerhouse Sea, made an official announcement on September 4 regarding the delay of the highly anticipated release of its battle royale game, Free Fire India.

3. Background on Free Fire India’s Suspension and ‘Free Fire Max’

The delay in Free Fire India’s release comes after the game’s suspension for about one and a half years due to national security concerns. Notably, Garena also offers a more advanced version called ‘Free Fire Max,’ which was not suspended by Indian authorities.

Free Fire India

4. Reasons Behind the Postponement

Garena stated that the reason for postponing the launch of Free Fire India is to ensure that they can deliver the “best possible experience to all of our Free Fire India fans” right from the start. This includes refining gameplay and completing the localization of the Free Fire India experience.

5. Garena’s Initial Announcement and MS Dhoni’s Involvement

Garena had initially announced the launch of Free Fire India on August 31, with former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador.

6. Exclusive Features for Free Fire India

Vaibhav Das Mundhra, a senior manager and game producer at Garena, disclosed that Free Fire India will exclusively cater to the Indian market. The app will feature content and functionalities tailored specifically to the local audience. Dhoni will also be featured in-game as a playable character called ‘Thala.’

7. Partnership with Yotta for Local Cloud Hosting

Garena has partnered with Yotta, a company within the Hiranandani Group and an empanelled cloud service provider by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), to establish local cloud hosting and storage infrastructure for Free Fire India. This collaboration aims to ensure data security and robust network connectivity for Indian users.

8. Collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Government for Esports Development

Garena has entered into an agreement with the Uttar Pradesh government to drive the development of the esports industry in India. This initiative aims to support the growth of esports in the country.

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