Pokemon Go Brings Augmented Reality Towards the Future

Pokemon Go Brings Augmented Reality Towards the Future

Pokemon has been a staple for millions of fans worldwide since its inception back in the early ‘90s and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. With Pokemon Go entering the mix since 2016, it has only gotten bigger. With over 1 billion downloads and a monthly user count of 147 million, it’s safe to say that Pokemon is here to stay. How does Pokemon improve augmented reality? Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Pokemon Go and AR is a Match Made in Heaven

Incorporating augmented reality to a franchise such as Pokemon truly brings Pokemon Go AR to life and gives people a chance to see just how awesome it would be living in a world with them truly is. Given that they have many personalities and augmented reality just makes everything so real, it is something to behold, and it’s easy to see why people get so addicted to the game.

Just How Addicting is Pokemon Go?

Given that you’re incorporating real-world locations via your camera and incorporating augmented reality to see the various Pokemon’s out there, you can play anywhere and everywhere. When the game first came out, people flocked to sites around cities or towns that showcased very rare Pokemons, like Mewtwo, Gible, Deino, and many more! Hundred or sometimes thousands of players would grab the chance to huddle in one area just to get that single Pokemon, crazy, right?

How is Pokemon Go Helping AR?

Given that the game is using AR as much as it is, it is only natural for the next step in AR, which is bending reality. This means that Pokemon now can interact with real-life objects as if they were there. They would know when a person is beside them and act accordingly, and that would depend on what type of Pokemon they are, friendly or otherwise. This gives AR a new step to take that wouldn’t have been possible in the past.

With more investors jumping in on AR due to Pokemon Go’s success as well as other advancements in AR, it’s inevitable for the change and growth of the technology. With AR being able to bend reality, it would mean you have to thoroughly search for the Pokemon in the vicinity that is probably hiding behind your coach than normally appearing in the middle of your camera screen despite objects that are supposed to be blocking it.

Niantic Labs Responsible for the Success of Pokemon Go

Besides AR being an integral part of the design of Pokemon Go, let’s not forget to give credit where it’s due to Niantic Labs. The people who created the game that made the world go crazy over Pokemon once again originally thought of three core concepts that expanded to Pokemon Go. Those concepts were to interact with real-world, exercise, and exploration. Hence, Pokemon Go became as much fun to the players because of the three experiences coinciding.

The Future of AR is Bright

Estimates that AR would be integral to our future not just for games but for anything else that humans can do with it is slowly becoming a reality, from a humble but groundbreaking technology to a whopping 75 billion dollar market by the time 2023 hits. Advancements to our maps can be made, AR can use futuristic cars, heads-up displays, and so much more, and not only would it be beneficial but at the same time look cool.

In Conclusion

AR is one of those technologies that were made to bring humans closer to the futuristic nirvana we see in sci-fi movies. The only difference is that we’re living in the real world, and thanks to innovations like AR, it seems more and more likely that we’re moving to a more digital future than ever before. Only time will tell where AR leads us, but it sure looks bright.

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