Tips Before Hiring a Northridge Pool Plastering Company

Pool plastering is an important part of maintaining your swimming pool. It’s the process of adding a new layer of material over the pool’s walls and floor for aesthetic and structural purposes. It gives your pool a fresh new look and reinforces the structural integrity of your in-ground concrete pool. That said, it’s important that the contractor working on your Northridge pool plastering project knows exactly what they’re doing. Furthermore, the key in a successful replastering project is finding the right professionals. If you’re not sure about what you need to do before you hire a contractor, here are some tips that will help you find the right company.

  1. Talk to the people you know.

Talk to your friends and your relatives; it’s the best place to start when you want to find the best pool plastering company. Not only will family and friends know you, and your preference in a pool professional, but they will be more likely to give you raw and honest feedback about a pool contractor. Talk to your close friend or relative who recently had their pool replastered; ask them who their pool guy was and how was their experience. Chances are they can give you their sincere thoughts about the contractor and how they handled the project. From here, you can get an idea about whom to hire for your pool plastering project.

Still not satisfied? Here’s what you can do.

Browse the internet and check for pool contractors that have positive feedback. Like the people you know, those who were pleased with the contractor they hired are more likely to leave a positive feedback about their experience with the pool company and otherwise. Places you can check are a contractor’s website, social media platforms, and online forums. You’ll be surprised at how frank and direct people can be based on the experience they had with a pool pro.

  1. Compare the competition.

Now that you’re already scouting for a pool plastering company, have a go at comparing different pool contractors. It will help in narrowing down your list of potential professionals who you will work with in replastering your pool. Take your top three choices and give them a call to set up an appointment. Ask each company for the list of services they offer and how they plan to go about replastering your pool. Some contractors use the chip out method to manually remove the old plaster while others will use the hydroblast method to lightly strip the old plaster. These small details will affect the estimated cost of completing your Northridge pool plastering project, so knowing how a contractor plans to replaster your pool is important.

Check how much each estimate cost and the jobs involved in each undertaking and compare which one appeals to you. Gathering estimates from local pool contractors will help you understand the budget involved in pool replastering and how each contractor plans to approach the undertaking.

  1. Check for licensure.

Another thing to consider to help you make a decision before hiring a pool contractor when replastering your pool is to check for their licensure. In the state of California, it is required for a contractor to obtain a       C-53 license especially when taking on projects that would cost $500 and above. The Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board requires those applying for a C-53 license to have at least 4 years of experience conducting and supervising similar projects. This means that apart from the permit to operate as a business, a C-53 contractor’s license holder will pretty much know what they’re doin. During the licensure application process, they are tested for competencies in swimming pool and spa repair and construction as well as in the repair and installation of swimming pool equipment.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a contractor’s license number, it’s often displayed in their offices and websites. Get the license number and check if it’s valid and current.

Now that you’ve found a licensed and customer-recommended pool contractor that offers their services at a fair price, it’s time to look at some of the things you must decide on yourself before you seal the deal.

  1. Budget and funding.

While pool plastering is not the most expensive undertaking, it’s still not the cheapest. Make sure that you prepare the budget that’s close to the estimated costs set by the pool contractor and be prepared for unforeseen costs like repair of damaged pipes and so on. Also, there are a few ways you can pay for your Northridge pool plastering project including in-house, pool financing services offered by pool contractors. That said, it’s always convenient to work with a pool contractor that offers financing solutions just in case your budget comes up short.

  1. Type of plaster.

It’s also good to know that you have other options aside from the traditional white pool plaster. Some pool professionals offer plaster in various colors. Some of the common colors include blue and grey which can give your pool new dimensions and create a new experience, that’s if you’re tired of the usual white plaster. Decide on what color you want to go with before you commission a pool contractor to replaster your pool.

It’s important to plan the undertaking to meet your preferences instead of settling with what the pool contractor has available. Remember, you’re paying for their service, so it’s only befitting that you get what you pay for.

Final words.

Looking for a pool contractor is easy, but finding the right one to help you replaster your pool might prove to be challenging. What’s beautiful for you might not be beautiful for others and can potentially influence the outcome of pool plastering, either positively or negatively.

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